Hmmmm, let’s see. What do you want to know about me?

So much to tell, so little time! Perhaps you could step into my office and I could show you. ~wicked laughter~

Enchantress and Erotic Conversationalist, Ms. Hunter 800-601-6975

Empress Hunter, Enchantress and Erotic Conversationalist

Delightfully Wicked

I would describe my style as delightfully wicked sensual domination! Fun and Flirty, Sweet and Sensual, yet always in total control.

Want to be My Plaything?

It excites me knowing I hold the power to turn you into putty in my hands, molding you and shaping you into my little plaything. I enjoy amusing myself by teasing and denying you until you think you can’t take it any longer, then making you beg for release, promising to do anything if I just let you cum. I love it when I laugh hysterically at your pleas, and you beg and whimper even more, crazy with the need for release.


For intelligent and erotic conversation with someone who shares your phone sex fantasies, call Empress Hunter at 800-601-6975.

Your Intelligent Phone Mistress Hunter

Enchantress, Erotic Conversation, Phone Sex Mistress, Dominatrix