There are many common cuckold terms and phrases used in the cuckolding fetish. You may have heard of some of them and not others or you may be a well-versed in cuckoldry and know them all. Before we take a look at common terms that go along with the cuckold fetish, we should first take a look at what a cuckold is, what cuckolding means and then take a look at how it got that name.

According to Miriam-Webster, a cuckold is: a man whose wife is unfaithful; the husband of an adulteress. This is true in simple terms but there are many nuances to cuckolding which is enough to fill a whole other post, so I’ll wait and do just that. Meanwhile, lets take a brief look at the history of cuckolding.


A Brief History on Cuckolding


Cuckold Horns Hand Gesture The term cuckolding dates back to medieval times and is derived from the word cuckoo because of the habit of the cuckoo bird to lay eggs in other birds’ nests. Originally, the term implied that the husband was unaware of his wife’s unfaithfulness even as it is blatantly obvious to others.

In many cultures, cuckolds are described as “horned fools”, referring to the mating tradition of stags who forfeit their mates when defeated by a stronger, more aggressive male. In fact, the symbol for a cuckold, often referred to as “the mark of a cuckold” is a circle with two lines extending from the top on both sides to indicate a head wearing horns. There is even a hand gesture that is commonly used to refer to cuckolds. The hand gesture used to refer to cuckolds is also used to refer to heavy metal or rock and roll so the context in which the symbol is used must be taken into consideration.

Historically, the cuckold is laughed at and made fun of by both men and women for being horned fools but, over time, cuckolding has evolved into a fetish where the husband is aware and complicit in his wife’s sexual trysts with other men. Additionally, there are many nuances to the cuckolding fetish; each as unique as the cuckold himself. That said, there are a few oft-used cuckold terms and phrases and some lesser-known terms and phrases that, in my opinion, are quite fitting. I’ve listed a few cuckold terms below along with their definitions.


Cuckold Terms in other Cultures


Cuckolds with Cuckold HornsWhile cuckolding as a fetish has gained much popularity in Western cultures, in many cultures, cuckolding is still considered very taboo and many cultures have their own cuckold terms to describe cuckolds in a very derogatory way.

In Italy, cuckolding is considered to be very distasteful and cuckolds are referred to as “coruntos.”  In Brazil and Portugal, cuckolds are referred to as “cornos.” In all three countries, calling someone by those names is considered to be very offensive. As you can imagine, the cuckolding fetish is not quite as mainstream in those countries as it is in the United States. That’s not to say it doesn’t exist there, as I’m sure it does; it’s just not talked about and kept very hush-hush behind closed doors.


The Patron Saint of Cuckolded Husbands


Arnold of Soissons, Patron Saint of Cuckolded HusbandsSay whaaaaat? Cuckolded husbands have a Patron Saint? Who would’ve thunk it? It’s true, though. Saint Arnoul, also known as Arnold of Soissons, is known as the Patron Saint of cuckolded husbands. Though I have been unable to find many details on how Arnoul became the Patron Saint of cuckolded husbands, I was able to find many references to him as such. Veeeeery interesting!

Now on to those cuckolding terms and their definitions I promised at the beginning of the post.


Cuckold Terms


Bisexual CuckoldA cuckold who services the Bull as directed by either the Bull, the Cuckoldress, or both

Big Black Bull A black man who is the Cuckoldress’s Bull

Bull (also known as Stud)the man the Cuckoldress is having sex with instead of her spouse

Buttered Buns When a cuckold is allowed to penetrate the Cuckoldress after the Bull has ejaculated inside her

Chaste CuckoldA cuckold who is locked in chastity by his Cuckoldress

Compersionthe feeling of excitement and/or pleasure at seeing your mate pleasured by another man mixed with feelings of jealousy that she prefers him to you and/or jealousy that he is able to pleasure her in a way you are not

Cuck – common abbreviation for the word cuckold

Cuckeda slang term for the act of being cuckolded

Cuckholding (Cockholding) alternative spellings/pronunciations for cuckolding

Cuckolda man whose wife is unfaithful; the husband of an adulteress (Miriam-Webster)

Cuckold BullThe stud with a larger cock who pleasures the Cuckoldress in ways her mate cannot

Cuckold SlaveA submissive cuckold is often referred to as a cuckold slave- particularly when the Cuckoldress is very dominant

Cuckoldress refers to the female who is cuckolding her mate

Cuckold Mistress – oftentimes a man desires to be cuckolded but his mate is not comfortable with/and or unaware of this wish so he chooses a Mistress to simulate the act of cuckolding

Cuckqueena woman whose husband cuckold’s her; the wife of an adulterer

Cream Pie (Creampie)the ejaculate produced by the cuckold bull; oftentimes the expectation is that the cuckold will eat the creampie left inside her

Gang Bangthis is not typically a part of cuckolding but is oftentimes thought of as part of the cuckold fetish simply because the spouse is having sex with other men

Hot Wife (Hotwife) – refers to the woman who is cuckolding her mate

Lesbian Cuckoldress 1. two lesbians in a relationship where one cuckolds the other, 2. a bisexual woman whose cuckolds her male spouse by having sex with females

Reverse Cuckoldingrefers to a black man whose spouse is cuckolding him with a white man (traditionally, the cuckold stereotype is a white man whose spouse cuckolds him with a black man)

Sissy Cuckolda cuckold who is feminized in addition to being cuckolded

Slut Wiferefers to the very promiscuous wife of a cuckold; often interchangeable with “hot wife”

Wittola man who is aware of, and reconciled to, the fact that his wife is cuckolding him

There you have it pets, brief history of cuckolding and many cuckold terms and what they mean. Are there other cuckold terms you can think of that aren’t mentioned here? Let’s discuss in the comments.

Until next time~

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