This post is part of the Enchanted Enchantrix Forest blog train series. If you have not been following the blog train up to this point, you’ll want to go back and start at the beginning with Intelligent Femdom Mistress Constance’s introduction to the Enchanted Enchantrix Forest and work your way back here.  If you’ve been following the blog train through the forest, you’ve survived Duchess Willow’s Friday the 13th Fuckery only to discover yourself naked and vulnerable here in My section of the Enchantrix Enchanted forest.

Naked, Exposed, Afraid, and Rock Hard!

As soon as you reach My section of the Enchanted Enchantrix Forest, you’re so relieved to have escaped Duchess Willow’s fuckery, you don’t even realize your clothes have been stripped off of you until some time after the fact. It’s funny, though, watching your reaction as you go from blissfully unaware to naked, exposed, and vulnerable. Your entire demeanor changes. At first, you’re embarrassed, then fearful, and then… much to your dismay, turned on! WTF? You’ve got the biggest, hardest boner you’ve had since you first started getting boners.

Why are you so excited? You’re scared. And embarrassed. Yet, the more scared and embarrassed you are, the harder you get. Wait… is that laughter you hear? Who is laughing? And why? It sounds like amused yet evil laughter. Uh-oh, now you’re really scared! And really hard! What is crawling all over your skin? It feels like… no, it can’t be… fingernails? Fingernails lightly scraping over your naked and exposed body. Whew, thankfully, they haven’t touched your dick and balls yet, but damn, you’re even harder now!


 Naked and Exposed: Supernatural Tickle Torture

Oh no! The light scrapes of the fingernails has turned to tickling. Just as you are thinking to yourself, “why do I have to be so damn ticklish?” you break out in laughter while dancing around like a marionette, trying to escape the tickle torture. But there is no escape. The tickling not only continues, it intensifies, and now instead of one set of tickling fingers, you feel several sets of fingers tickling your entire body simultaneously, and relentlessly.

Your dick, balls, and even your taint can’t escape the relentless tickling. Through your continued laughter, you manage to gasp “please stop” a few times but finally, you succumb to hysterical laughter. This isn’t funny, though. At first, it tickled, but now it stings. Just when you think you can’t take it any longer, much to your delight, the tickling stops. As you’re preparing to thank the entity or entities for stopping that torture, you realize tickling wasn’t so bad, after all.

Supernatural Spanking and CBT

“Ouch! Stop that!”, you scream. “What is that making my balls feel like they are in a vice? Whatever it is, whoever you are, pleeeeeeeaaaaaaasssseee stop!” “I’ll do anything if you stop. Oooooowwwwwwwww!” You hear more evil laughter but with that, the grip released but before you could recover, something quite strong shoved you down on your hands and knees and is preventing you from getting up- or moving at all, really.

Uh-oh! There’s that evil laughter again. What now? “Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!”  goes the invisible flogger. Spanking that ass HARD over and over again before moving down to the backs of the thighs and to those exposed testicles. “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeooooouuuuucccchhh! I promise, I’ll do anything if you’ll just stop this. Please stop. I can’t take this.” But you can take it, and you will take it, because this dick and ball torture it isn’t going to stop anytime soon! And, again after enduring this supernatural torture for what seems like hours already, weirdly, your dick is rock hard. Fear and pain have turned to excitement.

Just as that thought registers in your brain, as suddenly as the flogging and CBT began, it stopped and whatever entity was holding you down is no longer doing so. You get to your feet ready to run out of the Enchanted Enchantrix Forest but before you can take a step, you feel it. There’s that damned evil laughter again. This can’t be good!


Supernatural Coerced Orgasms

Well now… what a nice change of pace! You feel your dick being lightly stroked, slowly at first, then a little faster, before the stroking is at a furious pace! At this rate, you’ll orgasm in no time! You’re thinking how good this feels and have all but forgotten the fear and torture just endured in lieu of the anticipation of the amazing, explosive orgasm you are about to have.

More evil laughter just as you have the most amazing orgasm you’ve had since you first discovered orgasms. Still reeling from that intense pleasure, it takes you a moment to realize the intense pain you are feeling. “Stop! Please stop stroking! That hurts!”, you shout at the unseen entity but you only get laughter in response.

After a few minutes of enduring the pain from hypersensitivity and continued stroking, you realize it is starting to feel good again. It isn’t long before you’re close to orgasm again. Wow! Another amazing orgasm! Whew! Glad that’s over, now let me get the heck out of this forest while I have the chance!

One step. Two steps. Fuck. You’re stuck! Can’t move. [Evil laughter] Oh no! There goes the stroking again. After more coerced orgasms than you can count, whatever held you in place finally let go and you crumple to the ground in an exhausted heap.

Better not stay too long, though, you never know what might happen next! Luckily, your next stop is with Sensual Teasing Mistress Riley so surely it won’t be as intense and scary as what you just experienced. Will it? bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Guess you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out!

Until next time, pets~

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