Click to Call

Click to Call Phone Sex Sessions


Are you nervous about calling in to dispatch to ask for me?  Maybe you just want to connect directly to me and get your call started right away without having to explain to dispatch what you are looking for.

To connect with me via click to call, check my availability indicator in the right sidebar. If I am showing as available, then click the Call Now button right below it.  Answer the questions and enter the requested information and you will connect directly with me, bypassing the dispatcher.

If I am showing as unavailable, you can check my schedule page to find my next availability and/or email me to see if I can be available at the time you’d like to call.  If you are unable to reach me or I won’t be available at the time you’d like to do your call, you can check the C2C page that shows all of the available Mistresses. Choose the one you’d like to speak with, and click the Available button to initiate the click to call process and get started.

If you aren’t sure which Mistress might be most similar to my style, feel free to contact the Erotic Concierge for a Mistress recommendation.