Fun Stuff!

Sensual Mistress Hunter, Enchantrix Empire's April Mistress of the MonthLooking for fun ways to enjoy your Mistress in-between calls? In addition to My Free Audios, check out My Assignments in the Phone Sex Assignment Store. There are also a few kinky audios and ringtones you can purchase at the Enchantrix Audio Store. Have you ever experimented with Internet-Controlled Sex Toys?  If not, you need to. Not only do they add a fun, exciting element to your phone sex call but you can purchase a Internet-Controlled Sex Toy package from the assignment store so your Mistress can control that sex toy between calls, wherever you are. How fun is that??


Kinky, Fun Assignments


There are several assignment options for you to choose from. Custom assignment-based emails is one of my most popular assignment packages. At the same time each day, you’ll receive an email with the assignment for the day and then you’ll report back as to how it went. If you don’t see specifically what you are looking for, email me and we can tailor an assignment package specifically for you!


Internet-Controlled Sex Toys


You’ve probably heard about internet-controlled sex toys but I bet you didn’t think about just how your Mistress can use them on you, did you? There are many different types of internet-controlled sex toys that can be used in many different ways and I, for one, am thrilled to finally have the capability of controlling your sex toy via the internet, no matter which toy you should choose.  That said, these do require using proprietary apps, which can sometimes be a little glitchy, but nothing that can’t be worked around. Read more about Internet-Controlled Sex Toys.