Mistress Hunter Photos

I know you can’t get enough of your sexy Mistress Hunter so I’ve created a photo collage just for YOU! 

The above is comprised of a few of my favorite photos of me, as well as Mistress Hunter Photos my callers have said they enjoy.  

I love knowing you find me so sexy and visit my photos page often to tease yourself while masturbating when you aren’t able to do a call with me.


Which of these Mistress Hunter Photos is Your Favorite?


I also love when you view my pics while on a phone sex call with me so you can tell me which photos are your favorite, and why.  After we discuss your favorite Mistress Hunter photos and the reasons you like them, we can create a fun scenario surrounding your favorite photos and your particular kink.

Are you curious about which kinks and types of phone sex calls I enjoy?  You can check out my About Mistress Hunter page to see if yours is listed.  If it isn’t, message me and we can discuss how we can spin your favorite fantasy around your favorite photo of me.

If you already know I will enjoy spinning a scenario surrounding your favorite kink and your favorite photo, you can check out my Schedule page for my availability or even Book an Appointment so you can be sure to reach me during the time you wish to call.

I’d love to hear from you about which photo is your favorite, even if you aren’t able to do a call. Email me at hunter@enchantrixempire.com or message empress hunter (Hunter Slade) on Skype to let me know which photo of me is YOUR favorite and why.  

I look forward to hearing from you, pets~

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