Sexy Texting

Did you know I LOVE Sexy Texting sessions?

If you are horny and wishing you could make a phone sex call but don’t have the privacy required to do so, sexy texting may just be the perfect option for you.  

To do a sexy texting session, first contact me on Skype, empress hunter (Hunter Slade) and let me know you are looking to do a sexting session and see if I am available. Once we’ve established my availability for your session, you can purchase a sexy texting session here. Let me know you’ve made the purchase and the email address you used for purchase so I can have dispatch verify the payment worked and then we can begin our sexting session.

Maybe you can’t really talk but you’d love to hear my sexy voice purring in your ear. In this case, a Skype call works perfectly because I can talk and you can type your responses.  To do this type of call, follow the instructions above but let me know that you don’t plan on talking but would like to hear me talk and then type your responses.

You can also go on Skype cam so I can watch you while we are having our texting or our talk-to-text sessions.