Greetings, pets! Welcome to MY corner of the Monster’s Ball! I see you kicked things off at the door of the Monster’s Ball Blog Train with Mistress Cassidy, played Mistress Scarlet’s Kinky Candy Fantasies game, gotten your Cock Costume at Mistress Claire’s booth, Bobbed for Butt Plugs in Mistress Rachel’s corner, and endured Testicle Torture at Mistress Harper’s Monster Mash. Now it’s time for some Tickle Torture at the Monster’s Ball!


Tickle, Tickle, Tickle Those Testicles!


Mistress Hunter Tickle Tortures TesticlesAfter Ms. Harper’s testicle torture, I imagine it would feel good to have a woman’s long, sexy fingers gently tickling those testicles, wouldn’t it? You’re probably thinking anything is better than the torture you just received but the truth is, tickling can be the ultimate torture. I mean, when you hear CBT you expect that to be torture, but tickling? Tickling seems like a gentle, light touch that elicits giggles. How in the world can tickling be torture?

Well, my captive slave, drop those drawers and let me show you how. There, there… doesn’t that feel good, me lightly tickling those swollen, sore testicles? You’re giggling so it must feel good, let me tickle those testicles and taint a little more.  What’s that? Stop? Why? Tickling is supposed to be a fun, pleasurable thing. Oh…. you poor thing, is it not pleasurable to you? You’re laughing and squirming so it must be pleasurable. Hahahaha…..

But it isn’t at all pleasurable now, is it? I’ve been tickling your testicles for what feels like hours, though it’s really only been minutes, and you can’t take it any more? You want me to stop? Well, guess what?! I’ll stop when *I* decide I’m ready to stop. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Coochie coochie coo…. Tickle tickle tickle those testicles! hahahahaha Look at you squirm! You are still giggling but now you have a pained look on your face. 

You want me to stop?! Yes? Okay. Done. I stopped. Of course, if you know me at all, you know I never give up that easily. This was easy. Too easy. 


Tickle, Tickle, Tickle Those Tootsies


Tickle Torture TootsiesNow that I’ve left your testicles alone, I can concentrate on tickling those ever-sensitive feet. First your toes… poking my fingers between those sensitive little tootsies, Then, those arches. Oh, how I love to rake my finger down the center of your foot. Oooooh, look at you squirm! Those arches are ticklish, aren’t they? Your feet are far more ticklish than you realized, aren’t they?

Hahahah…. now it’s not fun anymore. Now, the tickling has become torture and you want nothing more for me to stop. What’s that?! You say you’ll do anything if I’d just stop tickling you? You must really want me to stop. But I’m not going to stop. I’m going to keep tickling you for hours and hours until you can’t take it anymore. It makes the testicle torture you endured at the last stop for the Monster’s Ball seem not so bad now, doesn’t it?

Tickle, tickle, tickle… coochie coochie coo… tickle, tickle tickle…


Ready for the Tickle Torture to End?


Just when you think the tickle torture is going to end, I start tickling those testicles again. Damn! Now they are even more sensitive and ticklish than they were before! Hahaha, look at you squirm! Just remember, the next stop on the Monster’s Ball may be more torturous than this one. Even knowing that, do you still want me to stop so you can see what’s at the next stop?

Remember my favorite phrase, pets? Be careful what you wish for? I suspect this may be a case of that very thing! You see, Princess Andi has a Pumpkin Spice Rub at the next stop. Sounds tame enough, doesn’t it? Probably a nice, fall-scented bath salts, right? Bahahahahahaha… You know better than that!  …or do you?

There you have it, pets. Tickle torture at the Monster’s Ball!

Until next time~

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