Ms. Hunter loves men with small penises

Ms. Hunter loves men with small penises

Yes, you read the title right.  While it is true that a small penis is incapable of pleasing me sexually, there are still many reasons I enjoy a man with a small penis.  Here are 5 of them.

1. They are good at oral servitude and body worship.

Think about it.  If their penises are too small to pleasure a woman sexually, they have to resort to other ways of trying to please her.  Some of the best oral skills I’ve experienced have been from guys with tiny dicks.  They know they have no other way of pleasuring a woman so they put all their effort into perfecting this essential skill.

2.  They make good cuckolds.

Let’s face it, they know they aren’t capable of pleasing their wives with their teeny peenie and they know they deserve to be pleased so they gladly encourage them to seek a lover with a nice big cock that is capable of pleasing them

Their stellar oral skills can be put to good use for cleaning up that cuckold creampie afterward.

3. They are good entertainment.

Small penises make me laugh. I love to watch a man with a small penis rub and tug on that little nubbin like crazy trying to get it to grow.  It amuses me the way they always want to show me their pathetic puds in an effort to seek approval.  Instead of approval, they are almost always met with laughter and sarcasm.  This seems to surprise them, which makes me laugh even harder.

4. They look good in panties.

Men with small penises look good in panties.  Their itty bitty dickies are more like clitties than cocks, making them perfect for panties.  In fact, all men with tiny dicks should wear panties 24/7 as a reminder of their inadequacies.

5.  They make good strap-on sluts.

Men with small penises know they are incapable of fucking and must resign themselves to the fact that if any fucking is going  on, they will be the ones on the receiving end.

As the saying goes, my (strap-on) cock is bigger than yours, so if anybody is going to be doing the fucking, it is going to be me.

There you have it, pets.  Five reasons I love a man with a small penis.

Until next time ~

Your Intelligent Fantasies Mistress Hunter