I hear this question all the time: “Mistress, will long-term chastity shrink my penis?”  Unfortunately, there is no absolute answer.  Instead, the answer is: in some cases yes and in some cases no.

“If there is no definite answer, how do I know whether it will shrink or not?” you are thinking- and for good reason.  Let’s take a look at all the factors that can help you decide whether or not chastity will shrink your penis.


Reasons for Wanting Penis Shrinkage

Some of you reading this may be wondering why people would want penis shrinkage.  There are many different reasons and scenarios as to why penis shrinkage is desirable. 

Perhaps, you are a cuckold husband who already has a useless tiny penis and further shrinking is a way to emphasize the fact that it is useless and not necessary since her pleasure is derived elsewhere. Maybe you’re a sissy who wants a smaller clitty.  

Whatever the reason for wanting to shrink the penis, it is actually possible to do if you are in long-term chastity.  Obviously, it’s not going to shrink down to nothing but the penis  will be noticeably smaller with long-term consistent chastity.


Reasons for Chastity

Mistress Hunter Discusses Chastity and Chastity Devices and Chastity Shrink (800) 601-6975Why would anybody want to be in long-term chastity? There are a number of reasons, not the least of which, is to show your submission and deference to your dominant counterpart, whether it be a Mistress, a Master, or both. This is a big one because chastity shifts your thinking pattern from worrying about your own pleasure to learning to derive your pleasure through serving and pleasing others.

Another reason for long-term chastity is to help control chronic masturbation. Left to your own devices, chances are you’d spend time masturbating when you should be doing other things.  Perhaps you have such a chronic masturbation problem that your other responsibilities are slipping. 

When you are a chronic masturbator, your attitude is not that of giving others pleasure and deriving your pleasure from knowing you pleased them, rather it is one of doing whatever is the most pleasurable for you and will give you the best orgasm.

Long-term chastity is the best way to correct chronic masturbation and also the best way to make you more submissive and ready to please.


Will Chastity Shrink the Penis?

Will chastity shrink the penis?  That is the $64,000 question.  The answer is, yes it will, but with some caveats.  First, it requires diligent around-the-clock caging for a minimum of several months.  It also requires not allowing the penis to get hard even when the cage is off for cleaning.  It also requires wearing the smallest cage possible so as to prevent any kind of hardness, however mild. 

The penis is like any other part of the body, without use, it can atrophy.  Over time, you will notice the cage seems larger than it was previously.  When this happens, you need to get a smaller cage to keep the slitty completely soft.  It is a proven fact that with wearing a chastity device over a period of years and switching to progressively smaller chastity cages, there is significant shrinkage.

If your goal is to shrink the penis so it stays soft and can be your little clitty, this is definitely the way to work toward that goal. Is that shrinkage permanent?  Probably not.  My guess is that if you were to suddenly stop wearing the chastity device and allow the penis to become fully erect, over time, it will eventually return to its original size. That said, if you are combining long-term chastity with other things like eating estrogen rich foods to encourage feminization, chances are it would be much more difficult to return to pre-chastity size since other factors are involved.

There you have it, pets.  It is possible, with diligence and over time, to shrink the penis through chastity.

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