Now that Masturbation May is almost over, let’s talk about chastity.  Men either seem to love it or they hate it and would never even consider trying it.  Those who love it, love it for good reason. They have experienced a transformation that can only occur from being locked up for a period of time.  Those who don’t even want to consider trying being locked up do not know what they are missing. 


Chastity Cages versus Mental Chastity

A lot of guys say they want to try chastity but they don’t want to bother with wearing the chastity cage for various reasons.  While this is technically possible for some, most think they can refrain from touching themselves in a sexual way but cannot actually do so.  

In addition to the fact that there is nothing to really prevent touching in a sexual way, the penis is still able to get hard at will because there is nothing preventing it to do so.  These two reasons alone are why I do not favor mental chastity.  

Wearing a physical chastity device keeps the penis from getting hard and also makes it impossible to touch it in a sexual way.  When the penis gets hard, thoughts change, attitude changes, sexual stirrings occur.  Because of this, it is impossible to experience the true transformation experienced by those who actually wear a chastity device.  

If you’re going to try chastity, then do it right and wear a cage.  Otherwise, perhaps chastity isn’t really for you.


Properly Fitted Devices are a Must!

Chastity devices are not cheap though some are more expensive than others. There are plastic chastity cages, metal cages, and even silicone chastity devices.  There are pluses and minuses to each of these types of cages so you need to weigh the options to decide which is best for you.

Whichever type of device you choose, it is crucial that it fits properly.  A poorly fitted device can cause chaffing and blistering, pinching, and other types of pain and discomfort, so it is important to find the device that fits the best.  Sometimes this means trying several devices and/or rings, etc., until you find the best fit.  It may seem like a pain but it is crucial in order to have a successful chastity term.


Chastity Length

The length of time you should be in chastity depends on whether you’ve tried it before and how long you were locked up, if you have tried it.  A lot also depends on the person and their habits.  For some people, a few hours may seem like an eternity at first, and for others two weeks may not seem like very long.

My advice as a chastity beginner is to start small and work up to longer periods of time. If you’ve never been in chastity, starting out with even two weeks is too long.  Starting with a day or two and then working up to longer periods of time allows a greater chance for success in reaching your chastity goal.


Benefits of Long-term Chastity

Metal Chastity DeviceThere are many benefits to long-term chastity.  Probably the biggest benefit, particularly if you are a chronic masturbator, is that it takes the focus off of sex and masturbation and allows you to focus on more important things like work and being a better lover, among many others.

During long-term lock-up and denial, many emotions- some never experienced before- occur.  It causes you to really take a look at yourself, your situation, and how you can better both. You may fantasize about certain things you’ve never fantasized about before. You may feel the desire to pursue some of these fantasies and then find out you really enjoy them, though you would’ve never even given them a second thought prior to being locked up.

Being in chastity as a submissive causes you to be more obedient and more willing to explore and expand previous boundaries.  As a Mistress, I love having chastity pets because I love seeing the evolution of thoughts and emotions, as well as, the extra attentiveness and desire to please that goes along with it.  Submissives are much more obedient and attentive when locked up.


Are You Ready to Give it a Try?

Cellmate Chastity Device Vitual Key Holding with Ms Hunter (800) 601-6975Have I convinced you to get locked up  for the first time or to be locked up again, if it has been a while?  Maybe you’re curious enough to be thinking about it but have a few more questions before deciding for sure.  Give me a call and we can discuss all of these things, decide whether chastity is right for you, and if it is, come up with a plan.

It is worth noting that if you are already a chastity enthusiast and looking for a key holder that I don’t actually hold keys but, there is now a virtual option available.  The Cell Mate device can be locked and unlocked via the internet, allowing me to be a virtual key holder.

 If you have been locked up before but need the accountability of having a physical key holder, perhaps you should look into getting a device with the internet-controlled lock.

In addition to virtual key holding, I also control your E-stim devices, butt plugs, cock rings, and vibrators via the internet.  Learn more about internet-controlled sex toys.  Purchase the internet-controlled sex toy package standalone or paired with some of my other assignment packages from

There you have it, pets- reasons YOU need chastity!


Masturbation May Blog Train

This is the last post in the 2020 Masturbation May Blog Train.  If you missed any posts or have not followed the blog train, you can start by reading the first post here: Welcome to the 2020 Masturbation May Blog Train.

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