As I mentioned in a previous post, So, You Want to be a Sissy, there are many teaching methods and forms of discipline when it comes to feminization. Let’s explore some of those methods.


Feminization Teaching Styles

Sissy Training Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975There are many different feminization teaching styles and no one method of training works for everyone.  Just as every person is different, the feminization training should be adapted for each person based on their inherent beliefs, feminine motivation, and environmental factors- both past and present.

A good Sissy Training Mistress will learn all she can about her sissies in training before even agreeing to train them so she can put together a sissy training program that is just right for them.  That said, sissy training isn’t always a straight path.  There will be progress followed by regress; two steps forward followed by one (or more) steps backward.

This is why the Sissy Mistress needs to constantly assess the sissy training progress and adjust as necessary, changing training styles and using different discipline methods as warranted.  The key is finding the training style and punishment method that will motivate the sissy enough to change the unacceptable behavior.

Nurturing and Caring

All Sissy Training Mistresses should be caring even when being strict, always keeping the sissy’s best interests at heart.  The sissy doesn’t always know what is best for her so it is up to the Mistress to know this and keep this in mind at all times during the sissy training process.

All sissies need nurturing at times, though some sissies are definitely more needy than others when it comes to reassurance and positive reinforcement.

Strict Disciplinarian

A strict Sissy Training Mistress still has a sissy’s best interest at heart but is not as soft and nurturing as a sensual Sissy Training Mistress.  A strict feminization Mistress tends to be very firm and unrelenting in her expectations and much quicker to punish when any missteps occur. She can still be nurturing when she needs to be but nurturing coming from a strict Mistress usually tends to have an underlying tone of sarcasm and/or humiliation.

Alternating the Two Teaching Styles

The best Feminization Mistresses tend to alternate between the two teaching styles as needed. She can go from sweet and nurturing to strict and unrelenting seamlessly. Conversely, she can go from strict and unrelenting to caring and sensual without batting an eye.


Feminization Discipline Methods

Feminization Teaching Styles and Discipline Methods with Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again- all sissies need discipline.  It is quite common for a sissy to suddenly decide she doesn’t want to be a sissy anymore or to kick and scream about not wanting to have those boundaries pushed.  It is important for the sissy to realize that she does not always know what is best for her but the Sissy Training Mistress does.

Sissy Training Mistresses put a lot of thought and work into creating the proper feminization journey for each sissy. Sissies must respect that and trust that their Feminization Mistress knows what is best for them.  Of course, even though sissies know this, it is their tendency to argue and disobey; therefore, punishment and discipline is necessary. Bad sissies need to be punished.

Corporal Punishment

Corporal punishment is a punishment that inflicts physical pain on the submissive, whether it is through spanking, binding, CBT, sensory deprivation, nipple clamps, kneeling for hours on end, etc.. The specific type of corporal punishment used varies depending on the situation.

For example, if a sissy loves getting spanked, she may misbehave in hopes of receiving a spanking.  In this case, one of the other types of corporal punishment should be used instead of spanking as a reward which is what the sissy wants.


The fact that a sissy isn’t a real man and can never be a biological woman is inherent humiliation for the sissy.  Some sissies do not enjoy playing up the humiliation aspect while others actually crave and enjoy intensified humiliation. For the sissies who enjoy being humiliated, obviously, this would not be a good form of punishment.  For sissies who do not enjoy humiliation, this can be an excellent punishment.

There are many different forms of sissy humiliation– verbal humiliation, performing humiliating acts, public humiliation, and more. The type of humiliation used depends on the situation and the sissy and each of these can be used standalone or in combination.  Humiliation as a punishment can also be combined with corporal punishment for maximum results.


Daily Sissy Training Email Assignments

Daily Sissy Training Email Assignments with Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975Sissy training entails much more than just phone conversations. Assignments are needed between calls to keep the sissy focused and busy and also to progress the training much faster than only doing phone sessions would. Wherever you are on your sissy journey, there are always things to work on and improve.  

To get the most out of your feminization process, you need to sign up for my Daily Email Assignment package. Every day, for 30 days, you’ll receive a new, custom training assignment designed to further progress your sissification.

There you have it, sissy~ an explanation of teaching methods and discipline styles employed by sissy training mistresses.

Until next time~

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