You’ve finally realized your inner sissy desires and decided to act on them. You want to be a sissy but- where to begin? The feminization process does not happen overnight. It requires studiousness and obedience; completing all of your assignments in a timely manner and to the best of your ability. 

As with anything in life, there will be times you question your sissy desires and wonder if you are on the correct path.  You may even be tempted to neglect your feminization assignments from time to time, which is why it is so important for you to have a Sissy School Mistress in charge of your sissy transformation.

Your Sissy School Mistress will also help you discover your motivation for wanting to be a sissy along with all the nuances that go along with it.  Once she knows these things, she will be able to map out an individualized feminization path to guide you through the sissification process.


What Drives Your Sissy Desires?

First and foremost, you must take an honest assessment of why you want to become a sissy.  What is the driving force behind your sissy desires?  It is very important to take some time to reflect on this and truly understand your motivation for wanting to be feminized.  The motivation behind your desire to be a sissy isn’t always immediately evident yet knowing what drives your desire to be a sissy is a crucial part of your transformation.

There are as many reasons for wanting to be a sissy as there are sissies but almost all sissies fit into at least one (or more) general categories:

  • the love of clothing and textures (frills, lace, silk, nylons, etc.)
  • the need to be dominated and controlled by superior women (and/or men)
  • servitude (sissy maid, running errands, bathing and pampering, etc.)
  • humiliation (for not being a real man, for being a naughty sissy, etc.)

Additionally, it is important to understand whether you being a sissy fulfills your own desires or whether you are submissive and desire sissy servitude on one or more levels. The road to sissification looks quite different for each of these situations.

There are many facets to your sissy needs and desires and taking the time to recognize and understand your sissy motivation in the beginning will make for a much smoother sissy transformation process.


Appearance and Voice

One you know what motivates your desire to become a sissy, it is important to get to work right away on your sissy training. As mentioned previously, being a good sissy takes work. You cannot just throw on a wig and lipstick and expect to be considered a full-fledged sissy. A true sissy knows her feminization is a never-ending process and is always striving to be a better sissy today than she was yesterday.

A sissy’s appearance is a first impression; therefore, great care must be taken to look as feminine as she can be. As with anything pertaining to sissies, there are many facets to appearance; many of which are determined by the type of sissy you want to be.  Some general appearance guidelines are:

Hair removal – A sissy should be free from all body hair.  If that isn’t possible for whatever reason, she should at least have her legs, groin, and ass smooth and hairless at all times.

Skin care – A sissy should always have smooth, exfoliated and well-moisturized skin.  Even if going completely hairless is not an option, there is NO EXCUSE for ignoring proper skin care.

Mani/pedi – A sissy should always have nicely manicured fingers and toes at all times.  If it isn’t possible to use colored polish on the nails, at least buff them to a shine and/or use clear polish on them.

Makeup – A sissy should always, at minimum, be wearing a lightly tinted moisturizer with nude or pale pink lip balm, gloss or lipstick.  There will always be occasions for full makeup so it is important to be sure you have everything you need to do a proper full sissy makeup routine, as well as learning the proper application techniques.

Along with appearance, a sissy’s voice rounds out first impressions so it is important to continuously work on achieving the best sissy voice possible.

It is all too common (and easy) for a sissy to decide there is no way the deep, booming voice she was born with can become feminine enough to make it worth working on but I am here to tell you that that is wrong way to look at it.

There are many vocal control techniques and other tasks that will aid in the voice feminization process.  Your Mistress will know precisely which techniques will work best for you and assign corresponding tasks and deadlines.


Behavior modification

There are many facets to behavior modification throughout the sissificiation process, starting with a few basics like:

  • Walking in high heels with a book on the head – Learning the proper walk is very important. You don’t want to look like John Wayne in heels.  That is very unbecoming.  Learning to walk in heels, looking ladylike while standing up straight takes a lot of practice but it can certainly be accomplished.
  • Learning to sway the hips – Having the proper sway in your hips while you walk is not only important for looking your feminine best, it is an important part of flirting.  Sometimes, a butt plug is used to aid in the training process.
  • Maintaining proper eye contact – A sissy should know when to avert her eyes, looking down as a sign of her deference but she also needs to know when to maintain eye contact, and precisely how to do so.
  • Feminine mannerisms – There are far too many to mention here, but suffice it to say, there will be many assignments surrounding changing your mannerisms.
  • Language/word choices – This one should be a no-brainer. Obviously, men and women use completely different words to describe the same thing.  It is important to learn all these differences so when in girly mode, you don’t make a word-choice faux pas.


Sex Integration (real or fantasy)

You and your sissy Mistress will need to determine whether you should be called a sissy gurl or a sissy boi.  There are several facets to each one of these classifications, and though every sissy is unique, there are some generalization that will help determine where you fit in this classification category.

Along with determining whether you are a sissy gurl or a sissy boi, a determination needs to be made as to what to call that thing between your legs.  Is it a clitty, a sissy stick, a teenie peenie, etc.  What is the hole in your backside to be called? Is it an ass, a pussy, or something else?

All sissies should be good at oral servitude for their Mistress, regardless of their sexual preference.  Aside from that, do you find yourself craving to be as girly as you can be, including pleasuring a man;  or do you prefer pleasuring women, even in sissy mode?


Teaching Methods and Discipline

Just as every Mistress has her own teaching and disciplinarian style, every sissy has her way of learning and obedience level.  That said, teaching and discipline are a very necessary part of the feminization process. Much can be said on this topic, but I’ll save that for Feminization: Teaching Styles and Discipline Methods.


You Want to be a Sissy- Now You Know What You Need to Do

Becoming a sissy is a process that requires total commitment and a lot of work. If, after reading all of this, you still have sissy desires, then you know what you need to do.  Call Me today, and let’s get started on your sissification journey!  You’ll also want to be a good sissy and purchase the Beginner Sissy Assignment Calendar.

Until next time~

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