Watching You on Skype Cam

Do you like to be watched on Skype cam while masturbating?  If so, you’re in luck because I LOVE to watch!!


I Love Watching You on Cam!! 


Ms Hunter Enjoys Watching You on Skype CamCalls are so much more fun when I can see you and know that you are following my instructions.

If you would like for me to watch you on Skype cam during our call, I can certainly do that!  We can either do the entire call on Skype or, (my preference) is to do the call on the phone (better sound quality) while I watch you on Skype cam.

If you see me online on Skype, add EmpressHunter (Hunter Slade) to your Skype contact list and watch for the confirmation message. If you do not receive the confirmation message, you will not be able to initiate the cam call

If you do not see me online on Skye, send an email to letting me know you will be calling and would like for me to watch you on Skype cam.  I will then go to Skype and accept your Add request.

If I am online for calls, I am available to watch you on Skype.  You can always call and then tell me you want to go on cam and I will make sure I am on Skype so you can call and share your cam with me.  

If you know ahead of time when you would like to do your Skype cam call, you can always book your slot ahead of time by going to my appointments page.


What Kind of Things Do I Like to Watch You Do on Skype Cam?


Ms. Hunter watches you on Skype cam (800) 601-6975The sky is the limit when it comes to things I enjoy watching you do on Skype cam.  Obviously, I don’t want to watch you do serious physical harm to yourself and I do have just a couple of things I prefer not to watch but we can discuss that on the call.

Guided masturbation is always more fun when you are on cam because I can see how things are going and decide what I want you to do next based on my assessment of how things are looking.  

I really enjoy guiding you through masturbation when you have toys and household items that can be used during your guided masturbation cam session.

This is especially fun when you are also into the CFNM fetish since being naked on cam in front of a Mistress adds to the excitement of being vulnerable and controlled.

Cum Eating calls are best when you go on cam because then I can make sure you really follow through with eating your own cum.  We all know how the cum eating urge and the excitement of being a cum eater go out the window the minute you orgasm.  

Being on cam is the best way to keep you honest, so to speak.  If you tell me you want to eat your own cum, I expect you to do so, and being on cam will hold you more accountable in following through with what you asked for.

Humiliation cam calls are always fun because I get to see all the disgusting, humiliating things I make you do, all while laughing my ass off. In addition to my entertainment, can calls hold you accountable for really doing the humiliating things I order you to do. This is especially true if you are into extreme humiliation.

Other types of cam calls – Any call can be a Skype cam call, no matter what the kink or fetish.  I do very much enjoy watching you on cam during our call so if you have Skype and would like to go on cam for me, just say the word!

If you are unsure whether I would want to watch you on cam with your particular kink, you can always send me an email ( or send me a Skype message and we can further discuss.


My Skype Details


Skype ID:   empresshunter
Skype Name:   Hunter Slade
Skype Photo:
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