Though it doesn’t happen to all cuckold husbands, it is a natural progression for a cuckold husband to be turned into a sissy cuckold husband. Are you wondering how that can happen- especially since you have no desire to be a sissy?

The journey from one to the other- both in your fantasies and in real life cuckold relationships- may be shorter than you think. It may be already happening to you but is so gradual you don’t realize it. Or, it may not be happening yet, but rest assured, it probably will!


Cuckold Can’t be a Real Man but He can be a Sissy!


If you think about it, this makes perfect sense.  Cuckolds are not real men or they wouldn’t be cuckolded in the first place. Since they can’t be real men and please women the way real men do, the next best thing is to be a sissy!  As a sissy cuckold, you can still enjoy watching your hot wife have sex with her many bulls but you also get to serve her in so many other ways, too.  For example wearing your little sissy outfits and serving her and her friends- both male and female- when they come over.

When I say “serving” her and her friends, what comes to mind? Carrying around drinks and hors d’oeuvres to them is one way you’ll serve them, sure! But, that is just ONE way of serving. First, you’ll clean the entire house- wearing your sissy maid uniform, of course- to get it ready for visitors. Next, you’ll get that hot wife of yours ready for her stud. You’ll take her shopping to buy lingerie and sexy outfits for her to wear with her cuckold bull- lingerie and outfits she’ll will never wear for you, because you aren’t worth it.

Next, you’ll help her bathe, shave her legs, and get ready for her stud.  When the doorbell rings, you’ll answer the door wearing nothing but pretty pink panties and a little pink clitty cage. You’ll curtsy for him and say “welcome Sir, come on in. She’s waiting for you.” 


Sissy Cuckold Learns to Serve Master and Mistress


Secret Sissy Sorority Pink CollarLike a good sissy cuckold, you say “follow me, Sir” as you lead him back the hall to the bedroom where she is waiting for her stud.  He enters the room and you start to leave but she orders you to shut the door and stay. At first, you’re super excited because you think you’ll just get to sit and watch as he pleases her but you quickly realize she has other plans for you.

She orders you to your knees as he strips naked and stands in front of you, your face so close to his big, semi-hard cock, you can see every little detail. You can smell his masculinity as much as you can feel it- the power he holds over you.  He laughs and says how pathetic you are and comments on how excited you look to be so close to his big cock.  About that time, she comes up behind your, puts her hands on the back of your head and tells you that from now on, you will be a cuckold fluffer for all her bulls and that you are to serve and obey her bulls just as you obey and serve her.

After that first time serving and fluffing her bull, you couldn’t stop thinking about how exciting it was to have a real man’s cock in your mouth and to know that you were getting him ready to fuck her.  The next thing you know, you started craving his cock when she wasn’t even around and before you know it, he’s coming over to get his cock sucked whenever he wants it, whether she’s there or not.  From there, it’s just a matter of time before he turns that ass of yours into a sissy pussy for him to fuck and as scary as that sounds, it excites you even more because you have turned into a big sissy slut, craving his big cock all for yourself!

You can’t wait for that progression from cuckold to sissy cuckold, can you?

Until next time, pets~

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