What do you think of when you hear the words “guided masturbation?” Do you think of a Mistress telling you various ways to stroke it or telling you many strokes to do and how fast or slow to stroke it?  Do you enjoy using toys? Household items? What other kinks do you like to incorporate with guided masturbation?

I absolutely love guided masturbation sessions… telling you how and when to stroke it while weaving other kinks in with it. Sometimes, it’s guided masturbation with cock teasing. Other times, it’s intertwined with body worship. And we certainly can’t forget CFNM, feminization, cuckolding, cum eating, edging and gooning, tease and denial, ruined orgasms, and humiliation, either.  Whatever your kink(s), it(they) can be woven into a sexy, fun guided masturbation session.


Guided Masturbation Games


Kinky Dice with Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975I love playing guided masturbation games! Kinky Dice Games can be incorporated into every kink but they’re especially fun to incorporate into guided masturbation sessions. Stroke it hard and fast for 10 seconds while you’re already on the edge without cumming. Can you do it?

Let’s roll the kinky dice and see what stroking assignment you’ll get next! Will it be holding the edge for two minutes? Maybe it’ll be two minutes of no touching. Or could it be denial? Or worse, a ruined orgasm?

Guided masturbation games don’t always have to use dice. A regular deck of playing cards is fun to use in guided masturbation sessions, too. Assign each suit a specific type of stroke and then the number on the card represents either the number of strokes you get or the number of minutes you get to do that particular stroke, depending on the situation. Aces can be used as wildcards. Red, it’s Mistress’ choice; black it’s stroke pet’s choice.

Other fun guided masturbation game options are using a coin flip; heads you do “abc” and tails you do “xyz.” Or… and this is one of my favorites… heads you get to cum, tails you do not. Really, you can assign any values to heads and tails; the possibilities are only limited by the imagination!

A virtual spinning wheel is always fun, too. Fill the wheel with various options and let the luck of the spin determine what your next move will be. There can be only a handful of options or there can be dozens of options. Again, limited only by the imagination!


Edging and Guided Masturbation


Edging is a must as far as I’m concerned when it comes to masturbation sessions. I wholeheartedly believe the orgasm is only as good as the journey to get there. I also wholeheartedly believe edging and long-term denial is the best way to keep a stroke pet desperate and wanting. Desperate and wanting means more obedient. More willingness to do anything to get that orgasm you so desperately crave.

What will I make you do to earn that long-coveted orgasm? Will I even allow an orgasm at all? Will I ruin that orgasm after such a long, extended build-up? Would I really be that cruel? Evil laughter…. what do you think? Those of you who know me already know the answer! Those of you who have not yet experienced long-term edging with me will just have to try it and find out.


What to Bring to a Masturbation Session


Technically, you don’t need to bring anything to a guided masturbation session except yourself. That said, bringing lube, sex toys, and other props to a session can spice things up and really up the excitement. What kind of sex toys do you think would be good for a guided masturbation session? Pretty much any sex toy you can think of from cock rings to butt plugs to dildos, nipple clamps, and more can really up the excitement level but one of the things I enjoy most when it comes to sex toys are internet-controlled sex toys.

With internet-controlled sex toys, I control the vibrations, the on/off switch, the intensity level and so much more. You have no idea how much more exciting sex toys can be with someone else at the controls. If you’ve never experienced a Mistress controlling your sex toy, check out my internet-controlled sex toy page to see just a few of the fun options available. Once you’ve purchased your toy, you can give me a call so I can control it during a session or, even better, head over to the assignment store and purchase a internet-controlled sex toy session so I can have fun teasing you between sessions.

If you don’t have any sex toys and/or internet-controlled sex toys is not an option, have no fear. You can still bring lots of props to use to spice up your masturbation session. There are all sorts of vanilla items laying around your house that could very easily be used during your next session. The possibilities are really only limited by your imagination but to get you started thinking in the right direction, check out “What to Bring to a Masturbation Session.”

There you have it, pets~ fun ways to spice up a guided masturbation session.

Until next time~

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