Have you heard of the Pass the Penis game? Better yet, have you ever played it? Pass the Penis is a fun and exciting game where several Mistresses get to tease and toy with you for 10 minutes before passing you on to the next Pass the Penis Mistress. We Mistresses really enjoy playing this fun and exciting game!


How Does the Pass the Penis Game Work?


Play Pass the Penis wiht Ms. Hunter (800) 601-6975Traditionally, a game of Pass the Penis involves six Mistresses for ten minutes each. You can choose the Mistresses you’d like to pass you around or you can ask the Dispatcher to pick them so it is a surprise.

If you don’t think you can last 60 minutes, you can ask to play with just three Mistresses or if you think you’d like to have longer with each Mistress, you can ask for 15 or even 20 minutes with each (if you’d like longer than 10 minutes with each Mistress, you must let the Dispatcher know before the game starts so she can set the call timer for the correct amount of time.) The last Mistress to get you is the one who decides whether or not you are allowed to have an orgasm.


What if I Like Something other than Tease and Denial?


Kinky Dice with Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975While Pass the Penis is billed as a tease and denial game, it really works with any fetish from cum eating to body worship to humiliation and pretty much anything you can think of. There are many kink-based types of Pass the Penis. Just let the Dispatcher know your kink and she can help select the Mistresses for you based on that.

One of my all-time favorite Pass the Penis sessions where we played a game within the game. You may remember reading my post about the Kinky Dice Game where each number is assigned a task and the luck of the dice determines which task you do and for how long. The dice game was incorporated into the Pass the Penis game to add an extra layer for surprise, fun, and excitement!


Pass the Sissy


Domination Methods- Feminization and SissificationYou sissy gurls may be thinking Pass the Penis isn’t for you since you have a clitty instead of a penis but that’s not the case because we also have Pass the Sissy!  How does it work? It works exactly like Pass the Penis except it’s for sissies.

Whether you need more feminization training, punishment for being disobedient, humiliated for being a sissy, or any other sissy kink, Pass the Sissy can be tailored for your sissy needs. If you’ve never played Pass the Sissy, you should give it a try. I am certain you will have loads of fun and may even decide you want to be a Pass the Sissy “regular.”


Take Things to the Next Level with Pass the Penis / Pass the Sissy


We know you have your favorite Mistress or Mistresses to speak to but adding a round or two of Pass the Penis: Dispatcher’s Choice can expose you to new Mistresses you may not have spoken to before. You may just find you really enjoy a new Mistress you wouldn’t have called on your own and it can be very exciting to expose your dirty little secrets to someone new. I think every caller should play Pass the Penis at least once for this very reason!

If you haven’t played Pass the Penis before, did I convince you to give it a try? Why or why not? If you have played the game before what did you enjoy about it? Would you play again? Drop your answers to the questions above in comments.

That’s all for now, pets. Interestingly enough, I have a Pass the Penis call coming through right this very moment! Is it you?

Until next time~

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