Do you enjoy leg worship? Would you love to worship my long, sexy legs? How do you enjoy worshiping a great set of legs? Here are 5 ways I enjoy having my legs worshiped:


1. Leg Worship Massage


Leg Worship Massage for Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975I love having my legs massaged whether it be a sports massage to work the kinks out after a long workout or whether it be a slow, sexy sensual leg massage. Whichever type of massage you’re doing, I do expect you to take your time and make sure you are hitting all the right spots, giving me all the pleasure possible.

Remember, this is all about ME and my pleasure. Even though you probably have a leg fetish and enjoy giving attention to my sexy legs, any pleasure you experience is purely secondary! You will worship my legs the way *I* say to worship them, massaging them the way *I* want them massaged, for as long as *I* want them massaged.  


2. Kneel in Front of Them and Kiss Them


Femdom D/s with Mitress Hunter (800) 601-6975Do you have a clothed female, naked male fetish to go along with your leg and foot fetish?  These kinks often go together, and for good reason.  Naked and on your knees puts you in the right mindset and at just the right level to worship my feet and legs.  

It also makes you much more submissive and subservient, which is just the way I like it! Whatever it takes to please me, that’s the way it works! It’s very important not to forget that!!


3. Cum on My Legs and Lick Them Clean


Cum on Mistress Hunter's Legs and Lick it Clean (800) 601-6975This one kind of goes along with kneeling in front of me and kissing my legs. More than likely, you’ll be naked, as that’s the way I prefer it- me fully clothed in a tight, sexy short dress and you, naked and on your knees worshiping my legs.  Knowing you’ll be naked and enjoying worshiping my legs, it’s likely just a matter of time before your spurt your cum, so you may as well cum on my feet or legs and lick them clean!

I do so enjoy watching a man eat his own cum!  It’s even more exciting if he’s licking that cum off my feet or legs!  That said, just because you’ve cleaned up your jizz doesn’t mean I’m ready for you to be finished worshiping my legs.  Remember, you are finished when *I* say you are!


4. Shave and Moisturize Them


Shaving Mistress Hunter's Legs (800) 601-6975I love having nice, smooth legs but waxing is painful and I despise having to let the hair grow out between waxing sessions and I really hate shaving them myself, too.  Having YOU shave them, taking your time to wash them and apply the shaving lotion or gel, then slowly, sensually shaving my long, sexy legs, careful to cover every curve and crevice with the razor while avoiding nicks, is MUCH more enjoyable for me.

Having someone else shave my legs is right up there with having someone else do my hair. Having my legs shaved by someone else is very relaxing and enjoyable- albeit much more sensual than having my hair done. The act of shaving is also very intimate and exciting, so both parties involved get enjoyment from it!


5. Erotic Food Play Leg Worship


Erotic Food Play and Leg Worship (800) 601-6975Erotic food play is very exciting for many and I certainly enjoy a bit of sensual food play, myself- especially when it involves you sensually smearing it on my parts and then licking them clean.  In this case, though, we’re strictly talking about erotic food play as it pertains to my feet and legs.

I love taking my toes and raking them through a piece of frosted layer cake and then feeling that cake to you with my toes! Granted, that’s a bit more of a foot worship act but you have to start somewhere, right? And don’t the feet lead to the legs?  Mmmm, I also love the idea of dipping a strawberry in chocolate sauce and sensually gliding it over the curve and crevices of my legs, inviting you to follow that trail with your tongue.

Do you enjoy sploshing?  If so, what a perfect combination leg worship and sploshing can be, right? Mmmm… there are just sooooo many ways to enjoy erotic food play along with leg worship, there just isn’t enough room to write them all here. Drop a comment and let me know the favorite ways you like to incorporate food play with leg worship!

There you have it, pets. Just a few of the ways I enjoy having my legs worshiped.  How do you like to worship a gorgeous set of gams?  Drop a comment and let me know your favorite way to enjoy leg worship and why.

Until next time~

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