I'm Ms. Hunter. Worship My Feet (800) 601-6975With summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity for foot fetishists to indulge themselves in their kink.  I love having my feet worshiped.  Here are 5 ways to worship my feet.

Worship My Feet through Foot Massage

One of the best ways to worship a Mistress’s feet is through foot massage.  Using a nice moisturizing motion with some essential oils, will keep my feet nicely moisturized and making sure you focus on the various reflexology regions will really go a long way toward pleasing me!

Worship My Feet by Giving Me a Pedicure

You adore pretty feet with a nice, pretty pedicure, and I love having a nice, pretty pedicure.  One of the best ways to worship my feet is to take the time to pain my toenails and give me that pretty pedicure we both love.

Worship My Feet with Oral Servitude

It goes without saying that I love having my pretty feet worshiped orally, just as love having my whole body orally worshiped.  Licking and sucking my pretty toes, licking the soles of my feet, kissing the tops of my feet…. mmmm, gets me excited just thinking about watching you orally worship my feet.

Worship My Feet by Buying Me a Sexy New Pair of Shoes

Another way to show your appreciation for my pretty feet is to buy me a sexy new pair of shoes and help put them on my.  If you’re lucky, I’ll let you kiss and worship and smell my feet after I take them off for the day.

Cum on My Feet and Lick it Off

I love having you jerk off for me and shoot that cum on my pretty toes and feet and then watching you lick every drop of cum off my feet.  It’s a good way to combine cum eating and foot worship and, of course, anytime you eat your cum for me, you earn bonus points as a foot slave!

There you have it, pets~

Five ways to worship my pretty, little feet.

Until next time~

Your Intelligent Fantasies Mistress

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