I usually reserve writing about cum eating and cum sluts on my other blog, cumeatingfantasies.com but this post is for you secret cum sluts out there- you know who you are! You secretly crave eating your own cum or sucking a cock and swallowing his cum or maybe you are quite open about wanting to do both until you orgasm and lose the cum eating urge.

Even though this is for you cum eater wannabes, I know several seasoned cum whores who will enjoy reading this post, as well! Whatever the circumstances, you find yourself craving that hot, sticky  jizz juice- but why?

Let’s take a look at a few different types of cum sluts…


Swallowing Cum Slut

Cum Play Masturbation with Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975What is a swallowing cum slut? Well, I supposed it is quite literally what it sounds like. Swallowing cum eaters crave the taste of their own cum and/or even someone else’s cum.  The most important thing for cum swallowers is that they don’t waste a single drop of spunk.

Cum swallowing sluts clean up their sticky goo ever single time they orgasm- whether a Cum Eating Mistress is watching/directing them or not.  These cum sluts crave the taste of cum so much they often times save up cum loads in the freezer so they can enjoy swallowing their jizz juice while they are still hard, horny and masturbating.


Cum Slut Humiliation

Overt humiliation is a big part of the cum eating fetish and those who are what I call cum sluts, craving the taste of cum so badly they do anything to get it, typically enjoy the inherent humiliation that accompanies cum eating.  These cum sluts will eat their own cum any way they can. In fact, they’re often looking for the best and most humiliating ways to gobble their goo.

While eating cum certainly can be super hot and sexy, it does carry the underlying element of humiliation. For some, they prefer to think of it this way rather than admit they enjoy the inherent humiliation that accompanies the cum eating fetish. The thought of it being so naughty and so wrong is a big factor in why guys crave eating cum- whether it be eating their own cum or swallowing another man’s cum.


Cock Sucking Cum Sluts

Cock Sucking Cum SlutWhen a guy tells me for the first time that he wants to be a cum eater, I ask whether they want to eat their own cum or another man’s cum. Oftentimes, they will act offended that I even asked about them swallowing another man’s cum but by the end of the call, they usually start talking about how they not only want to eat their own cum, they’d like to suck cock and have that cum shoot directly in their mouth and down their throats.

Sometimes, it takes a few calls or even more than a few, but eventually, it comes down to wanting to suck cock and swallow his hot load of cum. Once the cum slut admits this and starts getting off to the fantasy of sucking another man’s cock, it’s just a matter of time before they start craving sucking cock for real.  You know I’m right!


Cuckold Cum Slut

Cuckold Cum SlutAnother fetish that often accompanies the cum eating fetish is cuckolding.  Of course, what’s the excitement in being cuckolded if you don’t get to lick that cuckold cream pie out of her pussy. Cuckold cum sluts should be eating their own cum, as well- provided they are even allowed to have orgasms.

My belief is that cuckolds should learn to derive their pleasure through pleasing their Hot Wife and Her Bull and not from stroking their little dicks. In order to emphasize this, cuckolds should be locked in chastity, milked regularly, and mad to swallow the results of those milkings.


Bukkake Cum Slut

Bukkake Cum Slut for Ms Hunter (800) 601-6975Some of the most prolific cum-eating sluts not only crave eating their own cum, they crave having cum all over them- whether it all be their own saved up cum or whether it’s from multiple “real men” masturbating and shooting their wads in their mouths, all over their faces, and pretty much all over their whole bodies.  The Bukkake fetish is rife with many types of overt humiliation and these humiliated cum sluts can’t get enough of being covered in that sticky spunk.

Bukkake cum sluts love being called cum whores, cum dumps, cum sponges, and many other humiliating names. They love being watched as they are covered in cum from head to toe to further deepen the humiliation of being covered in cum.


What Type of Cum Eater are You?

As I mentioned earlier, there are many different types of cum eaters and many different fetishes commonly accompany the cum eating fetish.  Are you a cum eater wannabe, still not sure if you can even succeed at eating your own cum the first time or are you a seasoned cum slut who fits into pretty much all of the categories mentioned above?  

Drop your comment and tell me all about what type of cum slut you are, then give me a call.

Until next time, pets~

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