Erotic humiliation. Why is humiliation so damn exciting for some of us while for others of us being humiliated is far from exciting? This is a very good question and one where there is no absolutely definitive answer but I’m going to attempt to bring at least a little bit of insight to the topic.

Let’s take a look at a bit of the psychology behind erotic humiliation and see what we can find.


Erotic Humiliation: The Pleasure-Pain Principle


Sigmund Freud suggests in his Pleasure-Pain Principle that people will intentionally seek out that which pleases them and avoid that which causes pain. It is likely true that we are born with this tendency but it doesn’t take into consideration environmental factors which can completely skew this principle.

Call Ms Hunter for Small Penis Humiliation and CBT (800) 601-6875We can be conditioned to seek out pain and/or humiliation because it feels pleasurable to us. How does that happen? Well, there is no single explanation for how this happens but there are many possibilities that could cause this to happen.  One of the things I hear often from those who have small penises and enjoy small penis humiliation, is that they knew early on they weren’t of adequate size to please a woman with their dicks.

Knowing women weren’t going to be excited to see their itty bitty, they began to realize that they could still get that female attention they crave by having them laugh and make fun of their tiny dicklets. Just getting that dedicated female attention- even if it was humiliating- was so exciting, it made you excited and hard. Little by little, that laughter and humiliation becomes more sexually exciting and before they know it, they’re intentionally seeking out erotic humiliation.

Typically, at first, it just takes a smile or a giggle at that tiny member to get them off but over time, it takes more and more of that erotic humiliation to get excited to the point of orgasm.  The next thing they know, they are so far down the erotic humiliation rabbit hole, they don’t even remember how they got there.


How Can Humiliation be Erotic?


“How can humiliation be erotic?” I get this question a lot from those who can’t understand why people would not only subject themselves to humiliation but actually get off on it. I talked a little about the conditioning that can cause this to happen but there is something else that can cause humiliation to become erotic, as well.

The part of the brain that processes pleasure is adjacent to the part of the brain that processes pain. Because of this, intense pleasure can cause pain and intense pain (both physical and emotional pain) can cause pleasure. Just as many guys have told me prostate orgasms are so intensely pleasurable they can sometimes be painful, many have shared with me that an event that happened during their formative years was so intensely humiliating they experienced erotic excitement from it.

At first, they may not understand why something so humiliating and emotionally painful can excite them so much and experience feelings of guilt that they enjoyed the experience and discovered erotic humiliation. Over time, they begin to realize they need this humiliation in order to get sexually excited enough to achieve orgasm and, eventually, the type of humiliation they crave evolves into areas they never before believed they would find exciting.


Types of Erotic Humiliation


Erotic Humiliation is intrinsic to most fetishes whether it is implied or overt. Some can’t bring themselves to see or admit that humiliation part of their fetish, though somewhere down deep, they probably do realize it and just can’t admit it out loud. Others crave overt humiliation- the meaner the better. Some never evolve into craving deeper humiliation but do enjoy the implied humiliation that accompanies their particular fetish.

Others crave and seek out intense erotic humiliation as their main goal. Often times, there is a specific type of humiliation that excites them, such as small penis humiliation, verbal humiliation, public humiliation, etc., but usually those who crave intense erotic humiliation enjoy being humiliated in a variety of ways.


Do You Enjoy Overt Humiliation, Implied Humiliation, or Both?


What is your particular brand of humiliation? Do you enjoy more subtle, implied humiliation or you of the “the more humiliating the better” mindset?  I enjoy doling out both types of humiliation and I especially enjoy helping you understand the psychology of erotic humiliation and taking you on a humiliation journey you’ll never forget!

Until next time, pets~

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