Does being humiliated excite you as  much or more than it embarrasses you?  Have you ever wondered why being humiliated excites you?

The Pleasure/Pain Principle

Humiliation stimulates the emotional pain center in the brain, which is very close to the pleasure center.  When very intense feelings are experienced by either region, it often carries over into the other region.  It is also possible for intense pleasure to stimulate the pain center.  This is the reason phrases like “hurts so good” and “the sweet sting of humiliation”  exist.  Unless you’ve experienced either of these situations, it may be difficult to understand.

Knowing your Limits

There are many different types and levels of humiliation and the triggers vary from person to person.  Some people enjoy mild erotic humiliation such while others enjoy more hardcore topics.  That said, humiliation acts as a drug, as far as the brain is concerned and over time, boundaries usually need pushed further in order to experience the same pleasure as in the beginning.

Knowing your limits and discussing them with your Mistress will help her know exactly how to push those boundaries without exceeding your limits.

Humiliation Types

There are many different types of humiliation and some are more common than others, though nearly all D/s themes involve humiliation to some degree, whether implicit or implied.  Erotic humiliation or sensual humiliation deals mostly with implied and indirect humiliation, while hardcore humiliation is much more overt and direct.

Some of the more popular erotic humiliation types are: cuckolding, coerced bi, cum eating, and tease and denial.  Some of the popular hardcore humiliation types are: verbal humiliation, degradation, and objectification.

Humiliation is certainly not for everyone, and not all people who experience humiliation also find it enjoyable.  That said, it is quite a common occurrence-sometimes an unexpected one- to those who experience it.

Have you ever experienced the sweet sting of humiliation?

Until next time, pets-

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