There are many nuances to feminization. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to feminization fantasies and scenarios. In fact, there are probably as many nuances as there are feminization fetishists.  Let’s take a look at a few feminization variations.


Crossdresser Feminization Nuances 


There are many different nuances of feminization when it comes to crossdressers.  That said, typically crossdressers tend to want to be passable as women, whatever their particular kinks are. They are quite in touch with their feminine side and identify as women when they are dressed.  

Let’s take a look at just a few of the many crossdresser types:

The Passable Crossdresser

My crossdresser friend Maureen; Doesn’t she have the most amazingly sexy ass and legs?

The Passable Crossdresser: This type of crossdresser embraces femininity by trying to be as passable as possible.  They want to look their absolute best and have the most feminine looks, feminine voice, and feminine mannerisms as possible.  For them, when they are dressed, they identify as a woman. 

Because they identify as women when they are dressed, they are attracted to men but do not see themselves as gay.  They see themselves as straight women.  Conversely, some passable crossdressers are not attracted to men, considering themselves lesbian crossdressers, as they prefer sex with women, even when they are dressed.

The Social Experiment Crossdresser: This type of crossdresser is what my friend Maureen identifies as.  She is a biological male and has no desire to change that but she enjoys getting dressed up and looking as passable as possible. Once dressed, she enjoys going out in public and seeing the reactions of others. Many crossdressers are the same way.

For the social experiment crossdresser, it may be a sexual thing or it may not be.  The biggest turn-on for this feminization type is watching people’s reaction to them.

The Drag Queen CrossdresserThe Drag Queen Crossdresser: This type of crossdresser loves to be larger than life.  Over the top with hair, makeup, and outfits, they don”t seek to fit in but instead seek to stand out.  Drag queens love the attention and notoriety. The more attention they receive, the better.

Most drag queens make careers out of it and perform on stage for others, many of them attempting to resemble famous women they idolize such as Madonna, Liza Minelli, etc..

The Lesbian Crossdresser: The lesbian crossdresser identifies as being a women when dressed and wants to be as passable as possible but when it comes to sex, they still prefer to be with women, even when dressed.  Because they are “women” when dressed and they enjoy sexual fantasies or relationships with women, they call themselves lesbians.

Lesbian crossdressers get offended when the possibility of them being with men is presented to them because they have no desire at all to be with men, even when dressed.


Nuances of Feminization: The Sissy


Be a Good Sissy for Feminization Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975Sissies are a breed all of their own as they know they aren’t “real” men and never could be considered a “real” man so they emphasize this fact by dressing in feminine clothes.  Sissies know they could never be “real” women, either; instead not fitting in with either sex.  They aren’t good enough to be “real” men or “real” women, making them a breed of their own.  

Though they have this particular thing in common, there are many, many different types of sissies. Let’s take a look at just a few of the sissy types:

The Frilly Sissy: The frilly sissy enjoys dressing girlie in satiny fabrics with ruffles and lace. Frilly sissies enjoy things like rumba panties, frilly girlie dresses, ruffled ankle socks, patent leather Mary Jane shoes, ribbons, bows, bonnets, etc. Textures, colors, and girlie styles are what frilly sissies are drawn to.

The frilly sissy often identifies as a young girl and for them it’s more about the clothing and age regression than it is about sex. They don’t typically enjoy scenarios involving sex of any type; instead, preferring scenarios of shopping for frilly clothing or being dressed in various frilly outfits they model for others, etc.

The Humiliated Sissy: The humiliated sissy may be a frilly sissy or a sissy slut or one of any other types of sissies but the underlying theme is that they enjoy being humiliated for being the way they are. They like to be laughed at and made fun of for things from having a tiny clitty instead of a cock, being dressed in ridiculous outfits, the fact that they are not “real” men or “real” women.

Humiliated sissies love to be made to do humiliating things and to be laughed at and made fun of.  Some humiliated sissies prefer sensual, nurturing humiliation while others love hardcore, mean humiliation. The overarching theme, no matter what humiliation style they enjoy is that they do, in fact, enjoy humiliation.

The Sissy Slut:  The sissy slut is pretty much what it sounds like. Sissy sluts enjoy dressing in slutty clothes and want to look as slutty as possible while being used by “real” men as a fuck toy.  For sissy sluts, the suttier they can dress, the sluttier they can act, the better.

Slutty sissies enjoy big cocks; the more, the better. There is nothing too slutty for these sissies. Many sissy sluts also being humiliated for being slutty and loving cocks.


What’s Your Feminization Type?


Feminization Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975Do you enjoy feminization? What aspects of feminization do you enjoy? Can you identify with any of these nuances of feminization?

Do you have your own nuances of feminization that don’t fit with any of the types listed here? Perhaps you can see parts of yourself in many of the different feminization types.

Give me a call and let’s discuss and then have some kinky, naughty feminization fun together!

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