Giantess Mistress Hunter (800)601-6975I’ve had several giantess calls lately that remind me how much I enjoy being a giantess.

Growing Giantess or Shrinking Man?

There are typically two types of situations that can turn a woman into a giantess.  She can either grow larger than everyone (and everything) else or she can shrink her intended target into a tiny little man.  I enjoy both scenarios and have a lot of fun seeing just where the giantess fantasies take us.

Growing Giantess

It can be fun to be a woman who has grown into a giantess and is larger than life, making everyone and everything seem tiny in comparison.  In this type of fantasy, it’s fun to think about how easily I could crush people and their things.  It induces a sort of panic in the suddenly tiny little man, wondering why this giant woman has her sights set on him and how he can escape my giant stride.

Shrinking Man

I enjoy being a normal-sized woman and shrinking my normal-sized date into a tiny man, either with some sort of magic potion or my magical lip gloss that doesn’t affect me but shrinks all those who come into contact with it.  Imagine how helpless the shrunken tiny man feels when he first wakes up in giant, unfamiliar surroundings.

Vulnerability and the Giantess Fetish

The common theme between both base scenarios is the vulnerability experienced by the tiny man.  The excitement and fear of the unknown.  I tend to be a gentle giantess, for the most part, but you have no real way of knowing that yet, do you tiny little man?

Do you enjoy the giantess fetish or the shrinking fetish?

Give me a call!

Until next time, pets~

Your Intelligent Fantasies Giantess Mistress

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