Cum Eating.  Have you tried it?  Have you thought about it before but have been unable to make yourself do it?  Or are you already a cum eating connoisseur?

She Swallows and You Should Too

If you enjoy receiving blow jobs and having her swallow and have not yet tried tasting your own cum, then it’s time you do; at least so you know what she’s experiencing.  Does it taste bitter?  Salty? Sweet?  A combination of all three?

If it tastes bitter, you can remedy that by eating more celery and fresh fruits.  The combination of the two work together to improve the taste.  Read more about improving the taste of your cum (for you or for her).

Eating your own cum or eating his cum?

If you’ve thought of eating your own cum or even have tried it, does that lead you to think about eating another man’s cum?  Maybe you’ve fantasized a lot about eating another man’s cum, whether it be through sucking his cock or whether it be eating his tasty cream pie out of your hot wife’s pussy, but have yet to try your own.

Cum Eating Connoisseur

If you are already eating your cum on a regular basis, you may be looking for new and unique ways to do it.  Perhaps you should check out 5 Ways to Eat Cum for Breakfast for a few ideas.

Maybe you aren’t into eating your cum at all but are curious as to why other guys would do it.  There are all sorts of reasons guys are motivated to eat their own cum.  Check out the stories and essays at to learn more about this popular fetish.

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