Guided masturbation-having a Mistress tell you exactly how to masturbate-is a great way to spice up a boring masturbation routine.  It is also a good way to get your feet wet if you are looking to try dominance and submission for the first time.  There are many reasons you should try guided masturbation, if you haven’t already.  Here are just a few:

Guided Masturbation and Edging

Masturbation guidance is one way to learn the art of orgasm edging– getting to the very edge of orgasm and staying there for a period of time without going over the edge and actually having an orgasm.  Orgasm edging takes a great deal of self-control to do on your own, so having a Mistress guide you through eliminates that difficulty.

Guided Masturbation and Explosive Orgasms

Chances are, when you masturbate on your own, you take the quickest route to orgasm and don’t focus much on the journey.  Doing this for an extended period of time causes orgasms to be less fulfilling than they once were because your body knows what to expect.  Having a Mistress guide your masturbation session keeps your body (and you) guessing, making masturbation new again and bringing along with that those explosive orgasms of days gone by.

Guided Masturbation as Cock Control

If you are a chronic masturbator and find yourself unable to control your masturbation urges, guided masturbation can help control that cock and those urges.  Your Mistress will tell you when and how to stroke.  She may even give you guided masturbation  stroking assignments in between calls.

What to Bring to a Guided Masturbation Session 

Guided masturbation is much more than being told to use certain strokes a certain number of times.  Guided masturbation is also about expanding your horizons and trying new things.  Incorporating various items, such as a soft fabric, a wash cloth, a hair brush, a wooden spoon, ice cubes, and other household items really enhance the guided masturbation experience.

There you have it pets… ‘G’ is for Guided Masturbation.

Until next time…

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