I enjoy being a Mistress and love all types of kinky phone sex calls but lately, I must admit, some of my favorite calls are when I get to be a strict- sometimes, even mean- Humiliation Mistress! If you’re not into erotic humiliation, that is totally fine, as I do enjoy being a sensual, nurturing Mistress.

I am naturally dominant but do tend to be naturally a Sensual Mistress but I’ve recently discovered my Strict Mistress side and I have to admit, when I know you’re looking for a strict, mean Mistress to humiliate you, I can dish out that mean mistress humiliation like nobody’s business!


Surprise! Humiliation Mistress Comes Out to Play!


Ms Hunter Says You Deserve to be Humiliated beneath My BootsWhile I believe there is a bit of implied humiliation in most fetishes and D/s relationships, not all submissives enjoy having that pointed out to them. Many submissives know they are excited to serve a Femdom Mistress, they don’t always recognize that part of that D/s relationship revolves around implied humiliation.  That said, if humiliation isn’t your thing, I have no problem sounding sweet and sensual, even if the words I use imply underlying humiliation.

If you love serving a Humiliation Mistress, I can certainly be as mean and humiliating as I need to be.  I have no problem stomping you down and putting you in your place.  In fact, I have brought a few humiliation sluts unexpectedly to tears. When this happens, I just laugh harder and push those buttons even more!  I make fun of you for crying and being such a wuss because if you were a REAL man, you wouldn’t be a blubbering mess!


Types of Erotic Humiliation


Small Penis Humiliation with Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6875There are many types of erotic humiliation and I love them all. One of the most obvious forms of humiliation is small penis humiliation and lord knows, there are enough of you little dick losers out there to keep me entertained and laughing until the end of time!  It’s hilarious how some of you are afraid to disclose your little- and I do mean little– secret!

Then there are those of you who just blurt it out, loud and proud, that you have a small penis. It’s funny, those real men with big cocks never seem to feel the need to go on cam and show me their big, beautiful cocks, but you little shrinky dick guys can’t wait to get on cam and show me what you don’t have! Just the mere fact that you can’t wait for me to see that itty bitty teenie weenie is enough to get me laughing at you and how pathetic you are, even before I see it!

On top of small penis humiliation, there are more extreme forms of humiliation like extreme verbal humiliation, degradation, and objectification. Making you crawl around naked on your hands and knees barking while wearing a collar or turning you into a human ash tray, these are just a couple of fun types of extreme humiliation.

Then, of course, let’s not forget public humiliation!  While I certainly don’t want you to do anything that’ll get you arrested for indecency, there are still many ways to humiliate you publicly, and I enjoy thinking up new and exciting ways to do just that. I especially love humiliating you publicly when I can be in your ear, commanding you to do humiliating things in public places.


Humiliation Doesn’t Have to be “In Your Face” – it can also be Subtle


Humiliation Phone Sex with Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975We talked about some of the extreme types of humiliation and a bit about how there is an underlying subtle humiliation at the heart of nearly every fetish. Maybe you know this but don’t really like to hear me yell or call you names but you do enjoy a more implied humiliation.  Subtle, implied humiliation is also a lot of fun for me because I word things in such a way and say them with such a sweet voice that you may miss the underlying humiliation and sarcasm.

Perhaps, you don’t really miss it, er, at least your little dick didn’t miss it, because my sweet, condescending tone made you rock hard. You may not know exactly why it did, but it did, and you want more of it.  No problem! I can be a sweet yet condescending humiliation Mistress all day long!

Well, pets? Are you scared to be exposed to my mean side? Have you been exposed to my mean side and love it? Do you enjoy my sweet, sensual, subtle humiliation

Are you ready to take being humiliated to the next level? Give me a call!

Until next time, pets~

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