“Welcome to the Human Furniture exhibit,” you heard a female voice say as you slowly come back to consciousness, lying on the floor amongst what looks like …no, it can’t be, can it?  Human furniture?  

“WTF is going on?”, you’re thinking. “I was just at the Victorian Doll exhibit and that beautiful, cruel doll turned ME into a Victorian doll, complete with petticoats and the whole bit.  I could swear she carried me over her shoulder and out of the museum into my new life but here I am, at the next exhibit.  Perhaps she put her own spell over me just like the Chastity Witch did?” 

You mind races trying to remember everything that has happened as you reach down and feel that chastity cage still fused to your penis, no lock, only smooth metal.  Looks like you’re going to be locked for a while, at this rate.  Might as well enjoy the rest of the Haunted Locktober Museum.


Why Does the Thought of Being Turned into Human Furniture Excite You So?

Human Lamp, Human Furniture

At first, you were a bit freaked out to see human lamps, coffee tables, chairs, lamps, and even ash trays but the more you look around, the more excited you get at the thought of becoming human furniture.  How humiliating and degrading yet exciting that must be.  You feel your little dickie tingle with excitement and then the pain of the spikes in the chastity cage put a stop to that!

Before you have time to think about it any further, you suddenly feel strange- dizzy, dry mouth, and blurry vision. Thankfully it only lasted a split second and then you were back to being aware of your surroundings.  That’s when you realized that you were now part of the human furniture exhibit as a human step stool!


Turned into a Human Footstool!


Human Coffee Table, Human FurnitureYou noticed the shelves of books earlier but hadn’t given them much thought. Suddenly you feel a stiletto heel digging into your back a split second before feeling the second stiletto beside it.  

Suddenly, the most sexy, sensual voice you’ve ever heard commands you to crawl over to the bookshelf on the other side of the room so she can look for a book.  Startled but entranced by her sexy voice, you immediately did exactly as told.  As you get closer to the wall of bookshelves, she orders you to stop.

You can feel her on her tippy toes trying to reach for a book and you try with all your might to turn your head to try to catch a glimpse of this beautiful, dominant woman, but it’s as if your head is unable to move at all.  In fact, you can’t move at all!  Your whole body is frozen in this position. Now you’re feeling her jump up and down on your back in those stiletto heels with her arms stretched out, trying to reach the book she wants, but it seems to be just out of reach until suddenly, she was able to grab the book.


Drooling over those Gorgeous Gams!


I'm Ms. Hunter. Worship My Feet (800) 601-6975Once she has the book in hand, she steps off and sits down on your back, crossing her long, sexy, stocking-covered legs right by your head.  Oh my! This is the first glimpse you’ve gotten of this beautiful creature who has you completely under her control and you feel those spikes in the cage poking you again, reminding you that you are locked in chastity.  She hears your gasp at the pain and decides to really tease you by dangling her 5″ stiletto off of her beautiful foot.

You are still unable to turn your head as it is locked in place, but you can’t help but peek at her out of the corner of your eye. You’re starting to realize what a great honor it is to be human furniture and thinking it wouldn’t be so bad to be a human footstool from now on.

So mesmerized by her sexy voice and her beautiful long, sexy legs, somehow it escaped your attention that you are completely naked. Just as you realize you are naked and vulnerable, a group of sexy, dominant women walk into the room and immediately notice the new addition to the human furniture exhibit.

“Oooooh, look at that teeny, tiny, shriveled penis!”, one of the women exclaimed.  “No wonder it’s locked in a permanent chastity cage.  It’s too small to be of any use to us so it should remain perpetually locked, further shrinking your penis until there is nothing left.”


Rotating Human Furniture


Human AshtrayJust then, you hear a whistle blow and one of the women shouts “Switch!” You are suddenly able to move but realize your whole body is aching from having been a human step stool for hours on end.  No time to dwell on it though, you must move on to the next human furniture exhibit assignment- a human ashtray.

“But, but… I don’t want to be a human ashtray!”, you exclaimed.  “Too bad, so sad,” one of the ladies replied as she jerked you into human ashtray position.  “Ladies, let’s fill up this ashtray!”

“No, no, noooooooooooo…. please let me go!  I don’t want to be part of the Human Furniture exhibit in the Haunted Locktober Museum anymore!  I will do ANYTHING to not have to be a human ashtray.  ANYTHING!”

See what happens next at the Haunted Locktober Museum. Ms. Delia will post the next installment, titled Halloween Museum BDSM Exhibit, on October 9th.

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Happy Touring!  Be careful what you wish for, pets!  Be careful what you touch and think, too.  You never know what may happen to you next in the Haunted Museum!

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