Humiliation.  It’s what you crave, what you need.  Oh how your little dickie stands at attention when you hear a smart, sexy, dominant woman telling you that you’re not good enough- that you’ll never be good enough to be her boyfriend.  Embarrassing.  Humiliating, and oh such a turn-on!!

Tiny Dick too Small to Feel

“Oh Mistress”, a caller said to me today, “you would take pity on me and at least let me at least try to please you with my little dicklette, wouldn’t you?  You wouldn’t laugh at my tiny little penis, and tell me how pathetic I am, like those other women did, would you?”

“Of course, I wouldn’t”, I said.  “I wouldn’t laugh like those other girls, I would laugh like no other has laughed before!  How could I not laugh at the hilarity that you think your little 4 1/4″ is even remotely capable of pleasing me?  Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!”

Short Dick Men Need to be Shown what a Real Cock Is!

My first instinct when I realize your little nubbin is incapable of pleasing anyone, much less Me, is to show you first hand what a real man with a real cock looks like.  Of course, you will act horrified that I would even suggest such a thing as getting down on your knees and sucking a big cock, but secretly you are so excited you can hardly stand it!

Short Dick Men Make Good Strap On Sluts

“That’s right.  You heard me!  Bend over bitch and take My strapon!”  Strap On Humiliation is what you need!  How humiliating and embarrassing it must be for you to know that if there is any penetrating to be done here, it will be Me, penetrating you!  After all, your  lack of size makes penetration impossible for you.  It does, however, amuse me that the more I point out your inadequacies, the harder your puny pecker gets.  Harder, I said.  Not bigger.  Ha ha ha ha ha!!

Useless Tiny Cocks are Good for Cum Eaters

Eating your own cum.  Throwing your legs up over your head in that ridiculous looking position, just hoping to get that pricklette close enough that it will shoot that hot load of cum in your mouth, or at the very least, in your face.  These things excite and amuse you, because, let’s face it- what else do you have to look forward to?

It Obviously Can’t be a Cock, So Cover that Clitty with Panties

“Mm hm.  You heard me again.  You don’t have a cock, your breasts are practically as big as mine, and the thought of being feminized by a Mistress because you aren’t good enough to please her any other way, would make you cream those panties right now, if you were wearing any!”

Oh, I could go on and on about the things I could do to you, since you aren’t a real man; the things I would say to you about your shortcomings, how I would laugh hysterically at your piteous pud…

But it’s more fun watching you squirm!!

Until next time, pets~
Your Intelligent Fantasies Mistress Hunter