CFNM Humiliation with Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975

CFNM Humiliation with Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975

You may remember me writing about sparty and his CFNM humiliation a couple of weeks ago but since that time, things have really ramped up.

2 Mistress CFNM Humiliation Calls

Sparty is well into his 11th week of CFNM humiliation and teasing and denial at this point.  When I say teasing, I really mean teasing!  After my previous post about sparty, we were discussing how many mistresses have seen his bald missile dick and discovered it was well over half of them.

At that point, a plan was born; why not expose yourself to ALL of the LDW Mistresses?  Sparty loved that idea and has been doing 4, 5, and even 7 two-mistress calls a week for the last few weeks and sometimes even two calls in one day!  As a matter of fact, I woke up a couple of days to emails in my inbox telling me he had to call one of the LDW Mistresses in the middle of the night so they could edge him and tease him because he was so hard and horny he couldn’t sleep.

CFNM Humiliation with Ladies from the Gym

In addition to the two-mistress calls sparty has been doing, he has been having his own real-life CFNM parties.  Turns out, a woman he met at the gym went out with him a few weeks ago and sparty said he was hoping to get to eventually have sex with her.  Of course, I told sparty that was NOT going to happen.

Instead, he had to bring her back to his place on the date and beg her to allow him to strip and show her his little g-string that does nothing to cover his rock-hard missile dick and bald balls.  She was amused and allowed it. He also had to explain to her what CFNM was and she was quite interested in hearing all about it.

Since that time, there have been stripped-down golf outings, barbecues, CFNM parties, and much, much more.  All with lots and lots of teasing and edging… and orgasm denial, of course!  Don’t think these things don’t come at a price, though.  Sparty has bought them multiple dinners, coffee, groceries, and anything else they want in order to get them to allow him to continue to be naked and exposed in their presence.

As mentioned earlier, sparty is on his 11th week of denial and won’t get to cum until at least September 7th.  How did we end up with that specific date?  Oh, you can bet there is a good story behind that one, but that’s a topic for another time.

Until next time, pets~

Your Intelligent Fantasies Mistress Hunter