Ms. Hunter CFNM humiliation!

Ms. Hunter CFNM humiliation!

Sparty loves the CFMN fetish.  He loves to be on display for women.  He loves to wear skimpy little G-strings that cover none of his rock-hard package and leave his swollen, engorged balls spilling over the sides.

CFNM for Missle Dick

CFNM is nothing new for Sparty.  He’s been getting off on having his bald package on display for women for years.  Oh!  That’s right.  I forgot to tell you that he has been ordered to shave his genital area bald to make things easier to see.  Of course, with the rock-hard missile dick Sparty sports, there is no way you can not see it.  That rock-hard dick looks like it is ready for takeoff.  You may have read about him in Missile Dick in a G-string.

Of course, just because it looks ready for takeoff doesn’t mean he’s going to actually get to.  He’s been denied for several weeks now.  The longer he is denied, the hornier he gets, the hornier he gets, the more submissive he gets and the more he begs to do things he wouldn’t normally ask for.  He also has been ordered to shave his chest and stomach, as an act of submission.

CFNM Humiliation, Edging, and Denial

CFNM humiliation, edging, and denial go well together.  Sparty is no stranger to edging and denial, either.  He hammers that missile dick for hours on end, keeping it on the edge of orgasm almost the entire time.  He especially likes to beg women to allow him to strip down to his G-string and edge his missile dick for them while they watch.

He likes to buy them things to thank them for allowing him to be on display before them and cooks for them and serves them food while wearing his skimpy little G-string.  He dreams of being able to fuck them, but let’s face it, that isn’t likely to happen!

Do you like CFNM humiliation, orgasm edging, or tease and denial?  Are you ready to take things to the next level?  Give me a call!

Until next time, pets~

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