“W” is for Weddings… sissy weddings.  Are you a sissy gurl who dreams about wearing a wearing a beautiful white wedding gown and having a big, fancy wedding? Have you already planned out how the wedding might go and what might happen on the wedding night?


Choosing Your Sissy Wedding Dress


Sissy Wedding with Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975What is your sissy style when it comes to wedding dresses? Are you a frilly sissy who likes lots of lace, bows, and ribbons?  Are you a sissy maid at heart and prefer a sissy maid-style wedding dress?  Are you a sissy slut who just wants to look as sexy and slutty as possible in her wedding dress?

Once you have an idea of the style you enjoy, even if you aren’t really planning a sissy wedding, you should absolutely try on a few wedding dresses.  The best place to do this is at thrift stores, such as Goodwill. They always have lots of wedding dresses to try on and are even pretty cheap if you decide you want one of them.

You may feel a tad bit embarrassed to be seen carrying the wedding dresses to the dressing room but that should add to your excitement. Plus, I assure you, you are not the first biological male to be seen trying on wedding dresses at thrift stores. That said, you may want to do this in a different area from where you live if you are worried someone you know may see you. If you are into sissy humiliation, you may enjoy going to the local store and making a big fuss of trying on wedding gowns for all to see!


Planning Sissy Weddings


Sissy Bride and Groom Sissy WeddingI love helping plan sissy weddings, even if it’s just in fantasy. There’s something exciting about planning a wedding and it’s especially exciting helping sissies realize their sissy wedding fantasies and make their sissy wedding dreams come true!

Aside from choosing the right sissy wedding dress, it is important to decide your sissy wedding color scheme. Obviously, shades of pink, purple, and other pastels are most appropriate. What style of dress would you like to see your bridesmaids wear? It’s important to make sure the bridesmaids dresses are of a style that goes with your wedding dress.

Next, what style of suit or tuxedo should the groom and the groomsmen wear? Their ties should match the colors of the bridesmaid dresses. Once that is decided, what should the ring bearer and the flower girl wear?  Should she wear a mini version of your wedding dress or should she wear a dress that matches the bridesmaids?


Writing Your Sissy Wedding Vows


Sissy Wedding RingsKnowing how important it is to take care of your man and make sure all his needs are met, what would you say in your sissy wedding vows?  What would you hope he says in his vows?

Writing your wedding vows, whether it’s just for a fantasy wedding or a real one, is not only fun and exciting but it can also help you learn more about your sissy self.  As a submissive sissy, I’m sure your vows will mostly be about all the things you will do for him and how you will take care of all his needs, but what would that look like, exactly?

It’s fun to think about isn’t it? Talk about fun, have you put some thought into what the wedding night might be like?


Sissy Weddings: Planning the Wedding Night


Sissy Wedding LingeriePlanning the sissy wedding night is important, too. You may not know exactly what His plans are for the wedding night but a good sissy is always prepared. You’ll need to be prepared for any situation. Bring something sweet and flirty yet sexy and something overly sexy- slutty, even.

You should know what colors your man gets excited to see you in and what style of lingerie he prefers and pack accordingly. Beyond that, as an alpha male, he will take the lead. Be prepared for anything, just in case! After all, you wouldn’t want to disappoint your man on your wedding night, would you?

There you have it- some things to consider when planning a sissy wedding, even if it’s just fantasy.

Until next time, pets~

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