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When we last left Sorority X, the ladies had gone across the street, wearing their sexiest outfits, to the Frat house to suggest a truce. The frat guys couldn’t help but stare at the sexy girls and in a matter of minutes, all were sporting stiffies. 

Knowing this was their chance to get them to agree to their suggested truce, Jade began to speak.


Carefully Executed Plans Begin to Unfold

Sorority X and Fraternity Y“As we were saying, this has been going on for far too long and we think it’s time for us to reach a truce. Why don’t you invite us in, so we can tell you all about it?”  “Of course!”, the guys quickly agreed, excited for the opportunity to have these gorgeous girls in their house.

As soon as everyone was inside, the ladies started to execute their well-thought-out plan.  Each of the ladies paired off with a guy and turned up the charm and flirting. It was working beautifully, just as they knew it would. The guys simply could not resist their charms and were becoming little more than putty in their hands.

One by one, the couples that had paired off started disappearing upstairs, each going to separate bedrooms. The guys were so excited to finally have the girls where they wanted them- or so they thought- that they didn’t realize what was happening until it was too late!  They had dreamed about this day for a long time and now it was finally happening… wasn’t it?   Perhaps, they should’ve been more careful what they wished for!


Be Careful What You Wish For

Men in PantiesOnce the couples were paired off, the ladies of Sorority X kicked things into high gear.  Just as things were starting to heat up, each of the ladies asked the guys if they enjoyed stealing their panties.  Of course, without thinking, they all answered yes.  

“But we want to see you naked, too”, the guys were saying.  Each of the ladies shushed the guys by kissing them as they each revealed their “fantasy” of having a guy wear their panties under their “boy” clothes to show who they belong to, much as girls typically wear guys’ class rings except this would be “our little secret,” they said.

Thrilled to be getting this kind of attention from these girls who always looked down their noses at them, the guys all said they would love to wear their panties.


The Secret Sissy Sorority is Born

Each of the ladies put the pretty, frilly pink panties on each of the guys. Apparently, it didn’t dawn on any of them that these weren’t typically the type of panties sorority girls wear. They were just so turned on and excited to be wearing panties for their new girlfriends- or so they thought.

Secret Sissy Sorority Pink PanitesOnce each of the guys were pantied in pretty pink, each of the girls told them they would be wearing panties for them every single day for the rest of the school year.  Not only that, The guys would now be a part of the Secret Sissy Sorority where they’d be doing all sorts of chores for them each day, as ordered- first and foremost, cleaning the Sorority X house while wearing nothing but their frilly pink panties. 

When the guys tried to argue, the ladies showed them the video footage of the guys breaking into the sorority and stealing their panties.  On top of that, they showed each of them  some “bonus” footage. This bonus footage contained close-up videos of each one of them masturbating while sniffing the panties they’d stolen for the pledges.

Mortified, each of the guys was yelling at each of the girls and telling them they’ll never get away with this.  To that, they all replied that it wouldn’t matter because once everybody saw it playing on the big screen at the football game, nobody would be questioning where it came from- they’d all be too busy laughing and gossiping about it.

The guys had no choice but to reluctantly agree to their terms in order to keep from being publicly humiliated in front of everybody they knew, thus the Secret Sissy Sorority was born.  As the year progressed, it seemed they were settling into the routine and not only accepting of the terms but they appeared to really be enjoying it.


Graduating from the Secret Sissy Sorority

By the time graduation arrived, the ladies of Sorority X were calling the former frat boys “sissy gurls” and demanding the sissy gurls call them “Mistresses.”  At first, they tried to protest, but just like with the panties and chores, they had no choice but to accept it, and eventually they began to enjoy it.

Secret Sissy Sorority Pink CollarPrior to the actual graduation, Sorority X held their own graduation for the members of the Secret Sissy Sorority.  At this graduation, each secret sissy was given a pink collar by their Mistress and told they would be going to a new “school” in a new town so they could further their sissy training.  

None of the “gurls” argued because, by this time, they had been conditioned to obey and- truth be told- they enjoyed being secret sissies and were excited to see what this new sissy training would entail.

To be continued…

There you have it, pets. The second installment of the Sissy Sorority.  I bet you can’t hardly wait for the third installment, can you?  Will it be here, on my blog or will it be on the Intelligent Phone Fantasy Mistress Erika‘s blog? 

I guess you’ll just have to keep checking to find out, won’t you?

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