Hello, pets!

Guess what?!  I’ve decided to start a weekly program on Cock Radio called Sexy Story Time with Mistress Hunter.  Sexy Story Time will be pre-recorded and uploaded to Cock Radio by noon every Friday so you can listen at your convenience.

I am currently gathering a few erotic stories to read but I’d much rather read YOUR erotic stories, instead.  

If you have an erotic story or erotic stories you’d like me to read on Sexy Story time, please send them to me via email (hunter @enchantrixempire.com) with Sexy Story Time as the subject.

I’m hoping to record the first one this week so submit it to me ASAP if you’d like yours to be the first story I read.

Even if you don’t have a story to submit, reply to this post with the type of erotic stories you would enjoy hearing so I can keep that in mind as I’m searching for sexy stories to share.

Until next time~

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