Coerced Orgasm Phone Sex Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975

Coerced Orgasm Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975

Now that sparty has been granted release, he is on a new coerced orgasm program.  All week long, sparty is to be teased, edged, and denied, and then on Friday, he is allowed to orgasm.  The caveat?  Sparty must achieve a minimum of 12 coerced orgasms every Friday.  How is this possible, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.

Coerced Orgasm Morning

On Fridays, per the secretary who is controlling his dick, sparty must take a Viagra first thing in the morning.  He then must purchase coffee for several of the secretaries in his office and then when he gets to the office, strip down into his skimpy little g-string, and call the secretaries to let them know that coffee is served.

When they all arrive, sparty will serve them all coffee, then sit down in his chair, rolled out from his desk, so he -more importantly- his bald, hard dick is on display for the ladies.  He must then perform any tasks they request of him, including -but not limited to- guided masturbation.  He must edge for them multiple times while they drink their coffee.  After they finish their coffee, sparty puts his clothes back on and everybody goes back to work.

Coerced Orgasm Afternoon

After lunch, the secretaries again congregate in sparty’s office where sparty, who will take another Viagra at lunch, will again stroke for them.  They will tease and edge him until he is finally allowed orgasm but even when that orgasm finishes, he must continue stroking his way to another orgasm.  This sequence repeats itself multiple times until, after having somewhere between 6-8 orgasms, sparty heads home.

Coerced Orgasm Evening

Once sparty is home, he must strip down to a pre-selected g-string and call me.  I tease and deny sparty until I finally allow an orgasm, again requiring him to continue stroking, even after the orgasm is finished.   This continues until sparty has had an additional 3-4 orgasms.  Once our call is finished, sparty’s lady-friend, who is also controlling him (she’s the one who wears a key dangling from her belly piercing to remind sparty who controls his dick), will tease and edge him some more until she allows orgasm.  At this point, sparty must keep stroking his dick after each orgasm and is only allowed to stop after he has a completely dry orgasm because of being so drained of cum.

After just one Friday, sparty is both excited and worried about how this program will progress.  Me?  I’m not a bit worried.  I know exactly how it is going to go! 🙂

Until next time, pets~