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Tease and Denial with Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975

Tease and Denial with Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975

Twenty-one weeks of tease and denial has culminated in an explosive orgasm for sparty.  He didn’t have just one orgasm.  He had TWO!

If you’ve read my other posts about sparty, you know he has been on a strict CFNM tease and denial regimen since May 7th.  Through a serious of promises made while being on the edge of orgasm for hours on end, sparty ended up begging to wait until after October 1st to have an orgasm.

CFNM Coerced Orgasm at the Office

Sparty called me from home on his lunch hour in the hopes of finally getting that elusive orgasm.  After much tease and denial and casting doubt on whether or not he would get to blow at the end of the call, I finally gave sparty permission to squirt.  He did more than just squirt, though!  He had an explosive orgasm with loads and loads of cum.

Sparty was going to shower and then head back to the office, but the secretary who has been teasing him there texted him and told him not to bother showering because as soon as he gets back to work, she is going to expect another orgasm from him.

Begging for more CFNM Fun

Just as promised, the secretary made sparty masturbate for her until he had another orgasm.  She told him that was nice but what she really wanted to do was to see him really shoot that cum high in the air.  Sparty told her that he only does that when he’s been denied for a while with lots of orgasm edging and teasing and denial.  Of course, she said that could definitely be arranged.

She also told sparty while he was edging that there are other secretaries in the office who would get a kick out of seeing him masturbate in his tiny little g-string and would enjoy giving him the CFNM tease and denial that he craves.  Of course, as usual when on the edge of orgasm, sparty begged for just that!

Until next time, pets~

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