As the saying goes, “All my men wear panties or they wear nothing at all.”

Okay, maybe that wasn’t the original quote, but it does apply here.  There are many reasons for a man to wear panties for me.  Here are just a few:

Kinky Naughty Fun

I love going shopping for panties together and picking out a matching pair to wear together on a certain day.  There’s something super naughty about a man wearing panties under his work clothes and it’s even more exciting when we both are wearing matching panties.  The feel of those snug, soft panties is a reminder throughout the day of the dirty little secret we share.

Solidifying Submissiveness

I often have my submissive men wear panties because it is the perfect way to show their submissiveness.  Having to wear something so obviously feminine under his masculine clothing is a subtle reminder to him that he is not the alpha male others might think he is.  Instead, he is a submissive obeying his Femdom Mistress.


Sometimes a submissive feels very strongly that he should not have to wear panties, that it is degrading.  When a submissive with this mindset disobeys his Mistress, making him wear panties for a certain length of time is the perfect punishment to remind him of his place.


For those into feminization- crossdressers and sissies, wearing panties is the first step in the feminization process.  Putting on a pair of panties is a good way to quickly get into the feminine mindset and secretly wearing panties at work under masculine clothes is a way to continually feel feminine without anyone knowing.


Some men crave humiliation from a Femdom Mistress.  For these men, wearing panties is a way of reinforcing their inferiority.  The panties are a constant reminder to them that they are not worthy of being a real man and that they are under the control of their Humiliation Femdom.

And there you have it.  Several very different reasons why men wear panties for me.

Until next time,

Your Intelligent Fantasies Mistress Hunter