When we last heard about David, he was naked in a sea of gorgeous women who were telling him to stroke for them but he was not allowed to cum.

Read Chronic Masturbator Caught at Work to follow the story from the beginning.

Stroke for Us- but DON’T CUM!

David was trying his best to hold back the cum that was just waiting to explode from his cock, when a gorgeous blonde woman with the longest, sexiest legs he’d ever seen, wrapped her fingers around his dick.

Well, that did it.  There was no holding back.  He exploded all over the place and was instantly filled with remorse and fear.  “What was it they said would happen if I came?” 

Chastity Begins

Before David had a chance to think any further, he felt cold, hard metal against his cock.  Snapping out of his reverie, he realized he’d just been put in chastity.

“I hope you enjoyed that orgasm,”  said the blonde, “because it will be your last.”

“Whaaa–?  You mean my last for a little while, right?”

“No, David. I mean your last, ever.”

“Don’t worry,” she said.  “You’ll still get plenty of teasing and chances to stroke.”

“B-b-but I need to orgasm.  It’s a proven fact, that men need to ejaculate on a regular basis, for health reasons.”

“Don’t worry, David.  We’ll be milking you regularly so you won’t need to worry about build-up.”

“Wh-who will be milking me?” David asked.

“Your boss, your counselor, and every other woman at work, David.  We will all be taking turns teasing and edging you and milking you.”

About that time, the counselor walked up to David and whispered in his ear “See, David?  I told you not to worry, that we’ll fix it so you will never masturbate at work again.  This isn’t quite what you had in mind though, is it?”

There you have it, pets.  How David, a chronic masturbator who was caught at work, was cured.

Until next time~

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