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This is an excerpt from an actual telephone conversation I had with Ms. Lydia on New Year’s Day.  We decided it would make a perfect interview-style post as a way of letting you know about Ms. Lydia’s plans for 2013!  

Hehe, I was probing her brain (like that first comment says) but it is a little out of context here.  It was originally supposed to be about what fun things we wanted to plan together for our Enchantrix Naked New Year’s party, but I decided we had such a good laugh at her “I’d let you probe me anytime” comment, that it was too good not to include here!  Thanks again, Ms. Lydia for a fun time probing… er chatting on the telephone with me!

Hunter:  Thanks for letting me probe your brain, Ms. Lydia.

Lydia:  Hehe no problem, Ms. Hunter! I’d let you probe me anytime! 😉

Hunter:  So how is your 2013 so far?

Lydia:  Fantastic! I had a really great party at my place on NYE. Nothing too wild, just a handful of my girlfriends and a few guys we invited to make sure things ran smoothly.

Hunter:  Ran smoothly?

Lydia:  Well of course! It isn’t a Lydia Party unless there are some naked slaves crawling around to refresh drinks and be naked human footstools.

Hunter:  Wow, that sounds like my kind of party!

Lydia:  Oh, it definitely was! I wish you could’ve been there!

Hunter:  I guess it’s pretty convenient that we’re having our own Mistress New Year’s Party!

Lydia:  Yes!! I’m sooo excited about that. I’ve been ringing in the new year CFNM style, just how I like it. 😉

Hunter:  Do you want to tell our naked pets a little bit about our extravaganza?

Lydia:  Absolutely!

Lydia:  Listen up, naked sluts! Ms. Hunter and I, along with Mistresses Iris, Delia, Scarlet, Piper, Alexis and Ryan are having a big CFNM themed bash to kick off 2013. Each one of us are offering some special goodies to the naughty boys that get naked for us January 1st – January 3rd.

Hunter:  That’s right! Those goodies won’t be *our* goodies, though. No peeks for the naked men, all us Mistresses will be celebrating completely decked out in our finest attire, head to toe.

Lydia:  Yep! They’ll have to rely on their dirty imaginations, because we’re not giving away any glimpses of our goods.

Hunter:  So Lydia, do you have any big plans for 2013?

Lydia:  I’m taking some time off school before I start my graduate studies, so my big plans are to have lots of playtime with all my strokers and sluts. (In addition to my personal playtime, that is!)

Hunter:  How do you like to spend your “personal playtime?”

Lydia:  Lots of ways! I love snuggling up to watch a good movie or listen to one of my favorite albums. I have a busy social life, so there’s always a party to attend or some kind of mischief to get into. I have lots of fucktoys around to occupy my time, too.

Hunter:  Fucktoys? I’m intrigued!

Lydia:  Oh yeah, that’s how l refer to the men I keep around that I know are capable of satisfying me.

Hunter:  I bet lots of the boys here would love to have that job, being on call to please Ms. Lydia.

Lydia:  Hehe they sure would! Not everyone makes the cut, though. Those who can’t are assigned other duties. They’re happy just to be in my service.

Hunter:  They should be!

Lydia:  Lol I know, right? I don’t mind sharing, though. I’m very generous. I’d love to share one of my fucktoys with you sometime, Ms. Hunter!

Hunter:  I’d love that! The fucktoy would too. 😉

Lydia:  We’ll have to make that happen sometime!

Hunter:  We most definitely will! Thanks for chatting with me today, Lydia!

Lydia:  Anytime, Hunter, my pleasure. Thank you for having me!

Well, pets… that’s all for now.  Don’t forget to go check out Ms. Lydia’s blog and her latest series on posts on the Naked New Year’s party.  It’s a 3 part series and I guest wrote part 2, which should be posted later today.  Head on over there now and leave a comment on how you imagine part #3 might go, as a naked plaything.

Until next time,

Your Intelligent Fantasies Mistress