Those following my “Tale of Two Cucks” thread have been anxiously waiting for an update, and today is the day! I have updates on both Cuck“D” and Cuck “M”, along with a few other juicy tidbits and updates!

You’ll remember that Cuck “D” was behind the door the day they passed out endowments and his wife makes no bones about telling him so, even to the point of laughing and joking with her mother about it in front of him. He knows his little itty bitty isn’t satisfying her, so he would like her to find another man (or various others) to please her sexually, the only stipulation being that he gets to watch. You may also remember that he enjoyed a drunken opportunity to watch his wife with another man years ago and has dreamed about little else since.

Over the years, he’s tried everything he can think of to convince her to indulge again, but with no success. Guess what?! That’s all changed now! Cuck “D” was bubbling with excitement when he called to report that his wife indeed had agreed to finally enjoy another man’s cock while he watched. He said he doubted that would be a regular experience but he would take what he could get!

Cuck “M”, while still not to the point he would like to be, has been making baby steps. He got his lady to agree to flirt with other men in front of him and tease him about it during sex, and even got her to admit she would like to date other men, though maybe not to the point of bringing one home for him to watch. Baby steps, baby steps…

Still waiting on an update from Tina the Cock Slut… don’t worry folks, you will know as soon as I do!”

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