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Today began with back to back calls from two men who informed me that they dreamed of being cuckolded. Unfortunately for both, neither spouse shared in her husband’s feelings. Both had been trying unsuccessfully for years to get their women to cuckold them, and both were feeling particularly at the end of their proverbial ropes this morning.

“D” actually had an opportunity to watch his wife with another man years ago, after some friends of theirs had come over for dinner. Both couples had a little too much to drink, one thing leading to another until they found themselves disrobed and in the bedroom. Both men thought it would be a good idea to watch their wives enjoy each other, in that long standing, “every man’s fantasy”- two women together.

“D’s” wife had just hunkered down on all fours to enjoy her friend’s pussy, when “D” decided he would like to seize the opportunity to fuck her from behind. Unfortunately for “D”, the fact that he had a bad case of “whiskey dick”, coupled with the fact that his lil’ dick wasn’t all that big to begin with, rendered the idea usesless.

Not wanting to waste such an opportunity, “D” generously suggested to his friend that he should fuck her instead. After all, he was quite endowed, and drunk or not, “whiskey dick” was certainly not an issue. Being the good friend he was, “D’s” friend ponied up to the saddle, and a good time was had by all!

The next day, when the alcohol and afterglow were replaced by hangover and remorse, “D” tried to talk to his wife about how exciting he found this whole experience to be. Of course, still somewhat embarrassed by her actions the previous night, she wanted to hear nothing of it. “D” has tried on various occasions over the years to give her subtle hints that he wishes to be her cuckold, but they are all shot down.

Resigning himself to the fact the closest he’s ever going to get to being cuckolded by his wife again is reliving that memory, “D” broke down and called me this morning. After reliving the experience to the tune of such an explosive orgasm that his stomach and chest were covered in cum, “D” was basking in his own afterglow when the bedroom door banged open, and who should barge in, but his mother-in-law!!

What happened next? Tune in tomorrow kiddies, to get “the rest of the story!” I will share poor cuck “M’s” story tomorrow, as well!!

Until next time,
Your Intelligent Fantasies Mistress Hunter

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