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If you remember, when I left you yesterday, cuck “D’s” mother-in-law had just walked in on him as he was basking in masturbation afterglow.

Apparently, though she does not wish to cuckold him, “D’s” wife has told him in no uncertain terms that she finds his penis to be, well- puny. Not only that, but it would seem wifey and mother are very close- best of friends, in fact, and talk to each other about everything.

So, it was with that conversation in mind, that good old mom-in-law hrumphed and spouted “It’s a good thing she has lots of toys” before slamming the door shut!

And toys she does have, as “D” made sure to tell me that one of his not-so-subtle hints given his wife over the years, was a big black monster dildo! Well “M”, to quote Pink, it looks like it’s going to be “U and Ur Hand” again tonight!

Now, on to poor cuck “M”. It would seem that “M” should be every woman’s dream- attentive to her every need, waiting on her hand and foot, rubbing her feet, spending countless hours worshipping at her throne, and showering her with devotion at every turn. “M” thinks so much of his lady, that he has an overwhelming desire for her to find a well-hung stud as a plaything. Whether he gets to participate, just watch, or merely hear about it after the fact, there’s no question “M” would be thrilled for her to find a stud.

Trouble is, she has no desire to find a stud and is quite happy the way things are. In an effort to try to get her to break out of her shell, “M” has hired a male masseuse to come to the house and give her weekly massages, purchased myriad sexy clothing and shoes, and made a point to tell her how much he enjoys it when she flirts with other men in the club.

At the end of his rope this morning, and tired of begging subtly, “M” called for some advice. As the call ended, he was planning to arm himself with a few erotic cuckolding stories and a nice bottle of wine or two on ice, for he and his lady to enjoy over candlelight! Well “M”, *said in my best Bogart voice* here’s hoping she cucks you, kid!

Until next time,
Your Intelligent Fantasies Mistress Hunter

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Adult Phone Sex, Phone Sex Mistress, Dominatrix

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