I am committed to providing an enjoyable, fun, and entertaining experience with every interaction. From phone sex calls, to instant messages and chat, emails, and Cock Radio shows, I want your every experience with Me and with LDW to be the best ever.

To ensure I am providing that, I need feedback from you. Sure, I want to hear all about the good things, but I also want to hear about the not-so-good things. I want to know what wasn’t so good and why, along with a suggestion on how to make it better.

Please take a moment to fill out the form below with your honest feedback- both good and bad. When you click submit, the form will be automatically emailed to Me for review and will not be seen or shared with anyone else unless you request it.

You may also want to visit Rate My Call to provide additional feedback on your experience. Rate My Call feedback goes directly to Ms Ally and the managers. Submitting feedback via Rate My Call will automatically enter you in a monthly drawing to win a free 30 minute call with the Mistress of your choice.

~Your Intelligent Fantasies Mistress Hunter

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