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A is for Accousticophilia

B is for Body Worship

C is for Cum Eating

D is for Domination

E is for Edging   

Welcome to the Empire!

Practically Picayune Penis Trivia


Blue – My Favorite Color

The Truth about Men and Women

Empress Hunter’s Balls

Erotic Mud Fantasy

Who really controls that cock of yours, hmmm?

Vox Erotic Sample

Black Book Girls Sample

Stroke it for Me, baby!

Masturbation Arousal

Phone Sex Fantasy Fun

Are you a kink freak?



Itty Bitty Teeny Weeny Teeny Tiny Wittle Peenie

you Are Not A Real Man!

Big Useless Cock

Clicky Heels Bitch

Humiliation Whore

You May Not Have a Cock -but I Do!

Cum Eating

Cum Eating Threesome!   

Why you Need to Eat your Goo

Cum Eating: What’s Your Motivation?   

Convince Me

Cum Eating Denial    NEW!!!

Spoon-fed Cum Eater    NEW!!!

Autofellatio: Would you?  Could you?   NEW!!!

Eat your own Cum: Just Do It!!    NEW!!!


FemDom, D/s

you Are Here to Serve Me

What Do you Have to Offer?

Women are in Charge!  NEW!!!



Looking for New Chastity Pets   NEW!!!



Start Licking Cuckoldboy!  

Wedding Night Disappointment

Your Valentine Present to Him

It’s time we had a talk!

Tine to Cuckold

What it means to be a cuckold

Cuckie Chuckie – part 1

Cuckie Chuckie – part 2

Cuckie Chuckie – part 3

Cuck N Bull


A tale of two cucks – part 1

A tale of two cucks – part 2

You might be a cuckold if…


Corced Bi, Seduced Bi, and Strap-on Play

The Illusion

I Know you Want My Strapon

Secret Tranny Lover

Strapon Play

Dear Husband: I Know Your Dirty Little Secret

If I suck cock, will it make me gay?

Bend over, bitch!

The Debut of the Dirty Dozen!

The turning out of SissiBoi.

SissiBoi’s adventures continue

britney’s Birthday Surprise – part 1

britney’s Birthday Surprise – part 2

Tina the cock slut – part 1

Tina the cock slut – part 2

Glory Hole confessions


Pantie Boy

Secret Pantie Boy

Men in Panties: The Many Nuances    NEW!!!

Ms. Hunter Loves a Man in Panties    NEW!!!



My Tiny Willy- a poem by nancy boy

Sissy’s Pretty New Bra- a poem by nancy boy

The Housework Fairy- a poem by nancy boy

Dear Crossdressing Husband: I Know!

Wedding Shoes

The Bridal Gown

Taking You Shopping Makes Me Wet!

Time for Sissy School

Appreciating your feminine side

Sissy Cuck

All dressed up and no place to go!

Sissy Homecoming Queen – part 1

Sissy Homecoming Queen – part 2

Blowjob Basics

Can’t stop thinking about sucking cock!

Closet Fagoboy Esposed!

Panty Thief: Missing Things



Grocery Store Assignment (as seen on Humiliation Boot Camp)   
Tampon Training (as seen on the Humiliation Boot Camp)


Custom Audios

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Your Intelligent Phone Mistress Hunter

Adult Phone Sex, Phone Sex Mistress, Dominatrix

Adult Phone Sex, Phone Sex Mistress, Dominatrix