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CFNM Fun for Sparty

Ms. Hunter CFNM humiliation!

Sparty loves the CFMN fetish.  He loves to be on display for women.  He loves to wear skimpy little G-strings that cover none of his rock-hard package and leave his swollen, engorged balls spilling over the sides.

CFNM for Missle Dick

CFNM is nothing new for Sparty.  He’s been . . . → Read More: CFNM Fun for Sparty

Humiliation Phone Sex Marathon

Ready for some humiliation? (800) 601-6975

Though I didn’t start out yesterday with humiliation phone sex in mind, it turned out to be a fun-filled day full of erotic humiliation.  Nearly every call I had yesterday was for humiliation and I must admit, I quite enjoyed them all.  From tiny dick cuckolds to . . . → Read More: Humiliation Phone Sex Marathon

H is for Humiliation

Does being humiliated excite you as  much or more than it embarrasses you?  Have you ever wondered why being humiliated excites you?

The Pleasure/Pain Principle

Humiliation stimulates the emotional pain center in the brain, which is very close to the pleasure center.  When very intense feelings are experienced by either region, it often carries . . . → Read More: H is for Humiliation

Twisted Menage a Trois

Nate couldn’t believe his luck.  He was heading back to his place with not one, but two women!  A menage a trois!   Every man’s fantasy.  And it was happening to him!  He could hardly wait to brag to the guys at work about it on Monday.  On the way back to his place, his mind was racing . . . → Read More: Twisted Menage a Trois

Humiliation, Sweet Humiliation

Humiliation.  It’s what you crave, what you need.  Oh how your little dickie stands at attention when you hear a smart, sexy, dominant woman telling you that you’re not good enough- that you’ll never be good enough to be her boyfriend.  Embarrassing.  Humiliating, and oh such a turn-on!!

Tiny Dick too Small to Feel . . . → Read More: Humiliation, Sweet Humiliation

Humiliation Whore

Look at you~ you’re fat, ugly, and have a small penis that you can’t keep your hands off of! Of course, you wouldn’t be masturbating so much if you actually had something to offer women! That puny penis of yours isn’t a cock, it’s a clit. You need to be put in pretty pink . . . → Read More: Humiliation Whore