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Don’t Want No Short Dick Man

Listen to Me Read Don’t Want No Short Dick Man

Do you want me? Do you really want me?  Of course you do.  But you can’t have me and you know it!

Deja Vu

You know you can’t have me, and yet… you ALWAYS come back like you’re a big shot or something, . . . → Read More: Don’t Want No Short Dick Man

Am I Alone?

• What’s wrong with me? • Why am I the only one that feels this way? 

Ever find yourself asking those questions?  If you answered yes, you are not alone.   When people first realize they have a particular kink or fetish that strays from what the general population considers “the norm,” they are quick . . . → Read More: Am I Alone?

Caught with your Pants Down

You’re at work, in your office, feeling so horny and hard as a rock that you can’t stand it~ you’ve got to at least get a quick smash and grab to relieve your sexual frustration.  You check the hallway to make sure nobody’s headed your direction, shut and lock your office door, sit . . . → Read More: Caught with your Pants Down

A Fool For Your Stockings

Stockings.  What man isn’t a fool for stockings?  The sight of a beautiful woman with long, sexy legs, wearing thigh high stockings and stilettos.  Mmmm, even if you’re more the hot girl in a t-shirt type, if a gorgeous woman in stockings asks you to give it up, you’ll be undoing that velcro fly to . . . → Read More: A Fool For Your Stockings

Darlene’s Custard Pie

“Poor Tom.  How many more times is he going to let this happen?” said the neighbors as they watched Darlene bring yet another strange man home.

“Right under his nose, too.  She doesn’t even try to hide it; in fact,” said one nosey neighbor lady, “it’s like she’s flaunting it!”

“He’s so good to . . . → Read More: Darlene’s Custard Pie