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F is for Feminization

Feminization refers to the process of a man taking on more feminine characteristics.  This could be through cross-dressing, actions and mannerisms, or both.  Within the phone sex industry, there appears to be some overall confusion about the topic.  Terms like sissy, crossdresser, and panty boy are often used interchangeably, though they are all quite . . . → Read More: F is for Feminization

Tina and Mr. Tickle Trunk

As promised, here is the long awaited update on Tina the Cock Slut!

Tina woke up that morning in a very excited mood, knowing it wouldn’t be long before she would be modeling those gorgeous outfits and sucking her first cock. She told me she wasn’t sure which excited her more-playing dress up, . . . → Read More: Tina and Mr. Tickle Trunk

Tina the Cock Slut

As promised, here is the long awaited update on Tina the CockI had a lovely session today with Tina, my new cock slut. Tina’s male counterpart sent me an IM telling me he wanted a session and asking what I wanted him to bring into the session. I named off various items, he thanked . . . → Read More: Tina the Cock Slut

Masturbating at Work Good for You?

Feeling the need to rub one out right now? Just looking for approval to do so? Well, you just may have it- and not just My approval, either!

According to, not only is it okay to masturbate at work, but it is good for you! Of course, your boss may not share . . . → Read More: Masturbating at Work Good for You?

New Strapon Needs a Name!

Imagine being on your knees waiting for your Empress to come in the room. Waiting patiently, anticipating and bursting with excitement, fantasizing about what I might have you do, when all of the sudden….

The door opens and there I stand wearing thigh high black stiletto boots, lacy thigh high stockings, very short leather . . . → Read More: New Strapon Needs a Name!

Phone Sex Fireworks

With many of you at the Fireworks celebrating our wonderful country’s independence, a few of us were busy making fireworks of our own! . . . → Read More: Phone Sex Fireworks