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Cum Eating and Orgasm Denial

Will he give in and agree to eat his cum?

Cum eating and orgasm denial.  You might think that sounds like an oxymoron, but it really isn’t.  You see, I have a pet who is currently being denied simply because he doesn’t want to eat his own cum. During an intense orgasm edging session . . . → Read More: Cum Eating and Orgasm Denial

C is for Cum Eating

Cum Eating.  Have you tried it?  Have you thought about it before but have been unable to make yourself do it?  Or are you already a cum eating connoisseur?

She Swallows and You Should Too

If you enjoy receiving blow jobs and having her swallow and have not yet tried tasting your own cum, then . . . → Read More: C is for Cum Eating

Amazing Fantasy Threesome!

O.M.G!  That’s all I can say.  Last night I had *the* most amazing dream!!  It involved Mr. Hunter, Ms. Constance, and cum eating.  Yeah.  Do you find that fantasy as hot as I do?   Who ate whose cum?  And from where?  Guess you’ll have to read about my Cum Eating Threesome Dream to . . . → Read More: Amazing Fantasy Threesome!

fluffy’s Two Mistress Surprise

fluffy thought he was going to surprise me, but the surprise was on fluffy!!  You may remember from previous posts that fluffy is a cock sucker.

fluffy is also a cum eater and a closet sissy slut.  But here’s the thing.  fluffy has been calling me for a couple of years now and . . . → Read More: fluffy’s Two Mistress Surprise

Fluffy the Cocksucking Cum Guzzling Fagboy

Hello, pets.  I just have to tell you about my latest cum guzzling fagboy.  Fluffy, a.k.a Fagboy, called me a few weeks ago and told me he’d been listening to my Blowjob Basics audio.

I’m Not Gay Just Because I Crave Cock

He went on to tell me that he is 100% straight and . . . → Read More: Fluffy the Cocksucking Cum Guzzling Fagboy