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Cucks, Sluts and All Things Between

Those following my “Tale of Two Cucks” thread have been anxiously waiting for an update, and today is the day! I have updates on both Cuck“D” and┬áCuck “M”, along with a few other juicy tidbits and updates!

You’ll remember that Cuck “D” was behind the door the day they passed out endowments and his . . . → Read More: Cucks, Sluts and All Things Between

Cuck M’s Good News!

Need an enchantress to stimulate your senses through provocative and intimate conversation? Call Empress Hunter at 800-356-6169.

Yesterday’s blog post ended with cuck ‘M’ planning to get together some erotic cuckold stories and a bottle of wine or two to share in the candlelight with his lady. ‘M’ had promised to keep me updated . . . → Read More: Cuck M’s Good News!