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Coerced Orgasm Fridays for Sparty!

Coerced Orgasm Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975

Now that sparty has been granted release, he is on a new coerced orgasm program.  All week long, sparty is to be teased, edged, and denied, and then on Friday, he is allowed to orgasm.  The caveat?  Sparty must achieve a minimum of 12 coerced orgasms every . . . → Read More: Coerced Orgasm Fridays for Sparty!

Sparty’s Teasing and Orgasm Denial Continues

Orgasm Denial Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975

As you know from previous posts, sparty’s orgasm denial has been going on since May 7th and is continuing until at least October 1st.  On top of having his orgasms denied, sparty has been relentlessly teased by beautiful women, both in person, and on the phone.  He . . . → Read More: Sparty’s Teasing and Orgasm Denial Continues

Sparty’s CFNM Humiliation Continues

CFNM Humiliation with Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975

You may remember me writing about sparty and his CFNM humiliation a couple of weeks ago but since that time, things have really ramped up.

2 Mistress CFNM Humiliation Calls

Sparty is well into his 11th week of CFNM humiliation and teasing and denial at this . . . → Read More: Sparty’s CFNM Humiliation Continues

CFNM Fun for Sparty

Ms. Hunter CFNM humiliation!

Sparty loves the CFMN fetish.  He loves to be on display for women.  He loves to wear skimpy little G-strings that cover none of his rock-hard package and leave his swollen, engorged balls spilling over the sides.

CFNM for Missle Dick

CFNM is nothing new for Sparty.  He’s been . . . → Read More: CFNM Fun for Sparty

A New Year’s Interview with Ms. Lydia

Ms. Lydia of


This is an excerpt from an actual telephone conversation I had with Ms. Lydia on New Year’s Day.  We decided it would make a perfect interview-style post as a way of letting you know about Ms. Lydia’s plans for 2013!  

Hehe, I was probing her brain (like . . . → Read More: A New Year’s Interview with Ms. Lydia

CFNM Masturbation Party

Mistress, Mistress clothed and superior,

How does your dominance grow?

With Orgasm Control and Cocktease Hell,

And all the naked men masturbating in a row!

Female Superiority

You know how it is, don’t you?  You realize the facade perpetuated by men that they are the superior . . . → Read More: CFNM Masturbation Party